Apple Map is one of the best mapping services on the market. Apple Maps was once a disaster as it tried to replace Google Maps. However, Apple has been working on improving its mapping apps since then to offer a better user experience. Apple Maps is now smarter and better than before and is finally at a point where we can ignore Google Maps.

One of the most exciting features of Apple Maps lies in transit information. Basically, the feature gives you more details regarding the public transit systems in a wide range of cities worldwide. Apple has been gradually expanding Apple Maps transit info for years.

Back in April, Apple brought transit info to Apple Maps users in more cities in the US, including Nashville, Knoxville Areas, and Memphis. With transit info support, users in supported cities can easily navigate with public transport and access more details ranging from bus routes to departure times.

According to Apple, a lot of agencies in Tennessee will support transit info in Apple Maps, including MTA in Nashville, KAT in Knoxville, and MATA in Memphis.

Apple has recently added transit information to North Carolina, allowing users to quickly navigate with public transport in the region. Apple says that transit information will support a wide range of public transport services like CATS buses, the GTA bus system, and LYNX trains.

According to Apple, transit info support is coming to more areas in California, including Bakersfield and Fresno, with more to come in the future. Back in February, Apple added new transit info across multiple states in the US. In reality, transit info feature is not something new out there it has been an essential part of Google Maps for several years.

The Cupertino company is also expanding its lane guidance feature to more markets. The feature is now available in 14 countries worldwide and the number’s set to grow in the coming months. The lane guidance feature was first introduced in iOS 11 and received mostly positive reviews from users and tech experts worldwide.

Apple Maps is coming to more markets. The mapping service is now available in more than 20 countries worldwide and Apple is gradually expanding it.

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