How Netflix Plays Cops and Robbers with VPN Services

Netflix VPN Crackdown

Virtual private networks, or VPN services, are useful in a number of ways. They allow users to browse online anonymously and encrypt the data they send, protecting sensitive information from any would-be hackers. Their ability to change users’ IP addresses and hide their locations also enables users in countries with high censorship to access otherwise blocked content. And, up until two years ago, they were one of the leading ways users in countries without Netflix, or in countries with a limited Netflix library, could access the streaming site.

This all changed in January 2016, when Netflix announced that they’d be cracking down on users accessing geo-blocked content with VPNs.

The announcement was met with uproar from VPN users, many of whom threatened to cancel their Netflix subscriptions. But was the ban successful? To answer this question, TheBestVPN looked at 67 VPN providers to see which ones are still able to access Netflix, two years after the ban was implemented. In total, they found that 70% are still accessing Netflix from one or more servers.

To learn more about the Netflix VPN ban, including how Netflix blocks providers and which VPNs work with Netflix, check out the full infographic below.