Apple reportedly reduces component orders for 2018 iPhones by 20 percent

Apple’s 2018 iPhone models have been on everyone’s lips for months, hinting at the impressive feature coming into this year’s device. Rumors say that Apple will launch three new iPhone models this year, including a 6.5 inch iPhone model to replace the current iPhone X.

Apple has started manufacturing new iPhone models for months, and the company is speeding up production to meet the huge demand. According to reports, the Cupertino company is asking its suppliers to reduce component orders by 20 percent for this year’s iPhone models.

Last year, Apple asked their suppliers to produce 100 million component units for iPhone models. Sources say that orders for iPhone’s components have reached 80 million units at this time of the year, which means a 20% percent drop when compared to the same period last year.

Reports claim that Apple is asking its supplier to speed up production of OLED panels at their facilities to meet the huge demand. Last year, Apple pushed back the release date of the iPhone X due to supply issues. Samsung is Apple’s sole supplier of OLED panels, with hundreds of millions of units shipped every year.

Last year, the South Korean firm secured a huge deal with Apple to provide OLED panels for its future phones. Apple is still looking for more OLED suppliers on the market to meet the increasing demand of next iPhones. Last year, Samsung was having problems producing OLED panels for iPhone models.

Sources say that Apple will launch the second generation iPhone SE at this year’s September event. The device is expected to feature LCD panel and come with much-improved hardware. Apple was previously rumored to launch the device at WWDC event, but it was nowhere to be found at the event.

Reports say that the device will be manufactured in India and target mostly the Indian market. This means that the device will carry a lower price tag at launch. Besides, Apple will launch three new models including a 6.1-inch device. The device will target mid-range smartphone segment at launch. All iPhone models will launch to the public right in September following the launch event.

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