Technologies That Can Save You Money


It is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and Internet. Significantly simplifying and improving our life devices accompany us always and everywhere. At the same time, with technology, it is possible to improve the financial side of life.

Budget management is a tedious and uninteresting matter, but with the help of applications that analyze costs, systematize data and build beautiful graphics, this process becomes more exciting. In this article, we’ll consider free mobile gadget apps for iOS, Android and Windows that will help you to manage your budget, smartly control your money, cut down expenses and keep saving for a rainy day.

1. Money Manager

Information about incomes and expenses is synchronized with the account, and it can be viewed on a PC. For each purchase, you can attach a photo of the check and define its category. Next on the groups will be formed statistics. In the application, there is a search by months and the ability to export reports to Excel.

Specify plans for expenses, and Money Manager will monitor them and report on exceeding the limit. In the application, there is a calculator and a calendar. It has a complicated interface, but this complexity is explained by the huge number of available functions and operations.

2. Spendee

The user is offered to work with three tabs: transactions, statistics, and budget. In the middle is placed a big convenient button to register expenses and receipts of funds. The user can set the monthly budget in the application, and it will monitor its execution. Spendee has a payment scheduler. It will remind you about time to pay utility bills or any other regular expenses.

After analyzing your expenses for a specified period in Spendee, you can plan the costs for each category separately – transport, food, entertainment (concert, cinema, excursion, etc.) Entertainment is the category that is particularly difficult to control. For instance, when playing Qatar online casino games, we are so passionate about the process that we do not notice how much time and money we spend. The application will help to protect yourself from the unnecessary expenditure.

3. Wallet 

This application has a very nice design, an intuitive interface, and a simple, informative starting window. Before starting to use the program, Wallet offers to register and activate an assistant who will familiarize you with the main functions and help you to start.

On the desktop, you can add a widget with a circular diagram and other useful functions. If you systematize not only your budget but also the whole family’s, then you can add several accounts in the application. The “create goal” function helps to plan the budget, to collect the necessary amount for a particular purchase. The app also shows the current exchange rates.

4. Monefy

Very simple application for controlling finance. There are only two buttons on the main screen: income and expenses. All money transactions are sorted by categories and taken out on a large circular chart on the start screen. You can also create categories by yourself.

With the help of the “budget” function, you can plan monthly expenses and do not exceed the limits. Statistics will be formed according to the budget, but not all incomes. On the screen of the smartphone, you can put a widget with statistics of expenses by months. Monefy exports statistics in spreadsheet format and the database synchronizes with the user’s Dropbox or uploads to the PC.