Musk Shares First Look at Model 3 Performance White Seats

Elon Musk with Tesla Model 3

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk recently shared an image on Twitter that gave us the first glimpse of white seats for the Model 3 Performance.

The white seats can be seen far in the back behind several rows of black seats that look like a mute army of intelligent seats.

Model 3 Performance Dual Motor White Seats

Since the white seats are (currently) exclusive to the Performance variant of Model 3 and it’s clear they’ve started producing them (Musk earlier shared a photo of the first Model 3 Performance rolling out of the factory), it shouldn’t be too long before we start seeing them roll out en-masse. Another clue to that is Musk’s recent update that the Model 3 Performance Dual Motor has seen a step-up in production.

The white seats were originally slated for start of production in July, but it looks like they’re ahead of schedule. Anything ahead of schedule at Tesla Motors is always welcome news considering the number of bottlenecks and problems they’ve been facing since the start of production.