Apple starts producing iPhone 6s in India

Apple iPhone is one of the most desired phones on the market. It’s been more than 10 years since Apple unveiled the first generation iPhone model and iPhone has changed a lot since then. Last year, Apple introduced three iPhone models, including iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple iPhone X is a special iPhone model that includes a lot of new things like Face ID, glass-back design, and top notch. Reports say that the launch of iPhone X boosts the adoption of top-notch among Android-powered devices.

iPhone X is one of the most expensive phones out there as it sets you back around $1000 for the SIM-free model. Buying an iPhone X may burn a hole in your wallet. Fortunately, you can grab an older Apple device to save some cash. Apple is selling a number of older iPhone models like iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The coolest part is that you still can get an iPhone 6s on the market. According to the latest sources, Apple has begun producing iPhone 6s at its manufacturing facility in India. The reason behind this lies in a strong sales of the device.

Reports say that the production of iPhone 6s has already kicked off at the Wistron facility in India. This is the same factory where the iPhone SE was produced. The iPhone SE was once the hottest items in emerging markets like India or China. And, it seems that the iPhone 6s is following in its footsteps.

According to the latest data, iPhone 6s has seen a strong growth in sales since the launch day in India. Tech experts say that the iPhone 6s replaces the SE to become the most desired smartphone in India.

Sources say that Apple may reduce the price of the iPhone 6s in India to attract more users. Apple is facing a lot of competition in India where Chinese smartphone makers are dominating. Big Chinese firms like Huawei or Xiaomi are offering good phones for affordable costs.

Reports claim that Apple might launch the second generation iPhone SE in India this year. And, the production will kick off later this year.

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