The Ultimate YouTube SEO Guide

YouTube SEO - SEO for YouTube Videos

There are billions of videos on YouTube today. There is, however, a much smaller number of viewers. This means that most of the videos are left untouched even when they are more appealing or, in the least, more helpful than the others. While this might seem to throw a cold blanket on the people who would like to use the online platform to showcase their products, services or anything else, the fact is that YouTube remains one of the best places to make great earnings. And that’s why YouTube SEO (search engine optimization) should matter to content creators.

The reasons are pretty obvious. They include acceptance of the platform by audiences all over the world as among the most entertaining, informative and educational of its kind. In addition, it is easily accessible and no one has to go bankrupt using it. You only need to know how to best use it to your advantage, and YouTube rank tracker can be of great help. Few ways beat YouTube SEO and SEO in general, especially when you want to raise your business to greater heights. There are, nevertheless, a few helpful tips that should be considered by anyone wishing to use SEO for YouTube videos to make money and gain many other benefits.

Finding the Relevant Keywords

Keywords are designed to bring as much traffic as possible to you. Sadly, many keywords on YouTube are not nearly as fruitful as their creators had hoped. The most obvious reason is overlooking of the importance of finding just the right keyword. If you wish to stand out from the crowd, find keywords that are sure to attract not only the viewers’ eyes but also their minds.

It is not as hard as you might think. You just need to make a list of what your products or services or both, are about. Then think about what the people in need of them would do an online search on. In the end, you will come up with just the right ones. Another way of getting the best keywords is checking your YouTube analytics report. This is done by clicking on Traffic Sources.  It will take you to YouTube Search. In the end, you will get the various keywords that result to the views of your videos. They will give you an idea of the best keywords to optimize on.

Optimizing Your Video

This is the second step in making your YouTube SEO efforts work. Remember, the keyword should be included in the title as well as the description of the video. The trick is to help it have better ranking for the keywords you intend to target. When words appear at the beginning of the title, they get a boost from YouTube. Additionally, a description that contains the keyword several times stands a better chance than one that has it only once. You should, nonetheless, avoid making the description so short that the keyword seems to have been forced into place. This does not mean that you should make it so long that the keyword looks sparse. Ideally, you should use several variations of the keyword in order to help it serve its purpose without seeming monotonous and repetitive.

Exploiting the SEO Algorithm Used On YouTube

YouTube SEO algorithms are different from traditional search formulae. Hence, the metrics measured are different as well. They include the ability to retain the audience, the amount of time that has been used by audiences to watch your videos, as well as how many people have commented on it. In addition, the number of people who have liked or disliked your videos should not be overlooked. Some websites offer YouTube rank tracker services aimed at helping you get a clear idea on your ranking as well as how to improve it.

Keep in mind that you should try to retain your audience as much as possible. This means that you should ensure that as many people as possible watch your video to the last second. You can do this by making your video spell-binding as well as removing the unnecessary parts. Of importance, too, is keeping the audience enticed by using open loops. This is simply promising the viewers of great things to come at the end of the video – and delivering on the promise.


The only way of winning the attention of the millions of YouTube viewers is by ensuring that you earn it. Remember, however, that this hardly means just posting a video on YouTube. You should also make sure that you make use of the available tools to make it more visible and appealing to the viewers. Search Engine Optimizations ranks among the best ways of doing this. Using keywords, nonetheless, is not enough. They must be tailor-made to attract the audience. Make your content as exciting as possible. Further, encourage your audience to leave comments. The higher the number of comments, the greater ranking you get. Don’t forget to reply to the comments.

At the end of the video let your viewers know that you would greatly appreciate their subscription. In addition, post whenever you get the opportunity even when you feel that your videos are not perfect. They might even never be perfect. One thing for sure is that consistency will win the trust and confidence of your viewers.