Samsung reportedly manufactures Apple’s A13 chip for 2019 iPhones

Apple and Samsung have been in an intense competition on the market. However, Samsung has been Apple’s long-term partner as the South Korean company is now providing OLED display panels for iPhone models. Last year, Samsung secured a $4 billion contract to provide Apple with hundreds of millions of OLED units for future iPhone models.

Samsung is now the number one manufacturer of OLED displays on the market, with more than 80 percent market share. However, the South Korean firm is showing the world that it’s more than an OLED panel. Samsung was once Apple’s sole manufacturer of A9 chip which powered the iPhone 6s lineup.

However, Samsung failed to secure Apple’s deal to manufacture A10 chip. Instead, TSMC is now supplying processors for the current iPhone lineup. The Taiwanese firm is expected to manufacture the A12 chipset for this year’s iPhone models. Last week, sources claimed that TSMC is speeding up the production of A12 processors at its facility in India.

According to reports, Samsung will join in Apple’s chipset supply chain. Reports also claim that the South Korean firm will be Apple’s sole supplier of Apple A13 chipset for 2019 iPhone models. In reality, Apple has been looking for more suppliers of components used for its iPhone models.

Last year, the Cupertino company faced supply chains that forced Apple to push back the release date of the iPhone X. And, Samsung does not want to make the same mistake last year. Tech experts say that TSMC will still be providing Apple with processors, but the Taiwanese firm will share the production volume with Samsung next year.

Sources say that Apple is planning to set up more manufacturing plants worldwide to meet the huge demand for iPhone models. Apple has been trying to launch all new iPhone models in September this year.

TSMC will be manufacturing A12 chipset for 2018 iPhone models. The Taiwanese firm has been working on meeting Apple’s huge orders for CPUs used for this year’s iPhone models, beating Samsung on the market.

Apple is expected to release three new iPhone models this year, including iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

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