A Comparison of Fast Charging Standards (Infographic)

The best fast charging adapter in the world?

Today, the smartphone industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Fueled by a never-ending demand for better features, smartphones today easily outperform their predecessors. While most of the improvements have been in the processing power of the smartphones, the charging capacities and the batteries powering smartphones haven’t seen a large development. But slowly and steadily, a change is happening with smartphone brands incorporating fast charging into their phones.

Qualcomm released its first-ever Fast Charging standard, Quick Charge 1.0 way back in 2013, which had the capability of charging phones at least 40% faster than a normal charger. The company bumped up its charger’s capabilities and increased its capacity by releasing a new version almost every year till its latest iteration, the Quick Charge 4.0, which made its appearance with a few 2017/2018 flagships.

Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4.0 gave a smartphone 5 hours of battery life on only 5 minutes of charge. However, the main question to be answered was- Are Qualcomm chargers the best?

To answer this, take a look at OnePlus’ Dash Charging technology. One of the most loved brands in today’s time. They came up with a unique way to charge phones faster by switching up the current consumption, at a time when everyone was bumping the voltage. OnePlus’ Dash Charge technology, one of the fastest at present, has the charging circuitry in the charger instead of the phone. This allows for quick charging without the usual inconvenience of a heated phone.

However, is that all?

Well, according to Hometop.in’s research and analysis, (scroll down for the infographic) it turns out that OnePlus’ Dash Charge is not the true heir to the fast charging throne. Instead, Huawei’s Supercharge claims the stake as the fastest charging standard in the realm. With a charging rate of 46.57 mAh per minute, the charger helps your smartphone hit 100% charge in a mere 73 minutes.

While on the other hand, Dash Charging offers a charging rate of 41.25 mAh per minute. This helps you charge your smartphone (from 0% to 100%) within 80 minutes. Apart from this, another issue faced by OnePlus’ dash charging technology is that the smartphone does not charge with the same speed with third-party chargers.

As for Qualcomm chargers, with a charging rate of 30 mAh per minute, it takes about 100 minutes to charge your smartphone from 0% to 100%. They are compatible with older models of smartphones as well. 

Considering various other chargers, Huawei’s Supercharge is the best charger to have for your smartphone. Huawei’s Supercharge features various qualities, one of them is that this charger offers a multi-voltage charge which helps charge your phone faster.

With various chargers and other options in the market, Huawei’s Supercharge when compared to OnePlus’ dash charging, Samsung’s fast chargers and other mainstream chargers, offers you faster charging and helps you maintain your phone’s performance.

Check out this neat little infographic that summarizes and compares the Fast Charging standards today.

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Comparison of Fast Charging Standards Infographic