Apple iPhone X ranks among the best iPhone models you can buy right now. With iPhone X, Apple introduced a lot of new things like Face ID, a curved OLED display, a glass-back design, and gestures. iPhone X quickly gained trust among users and experts and topped the list of the best-selling phones on the market.

During the first three months of the year, iPhone X shipments hit 16 million units, helping Apple dominate the smartphone market. Tech experts say that the iPhone X will continue its strong sales performance in the coming months even when Apple’s new iPhone models are released this fall.

One of the best things when it comes to iOS lies in its support for a wide range of apps. Every day, there is a barrage of apps released to the App Store. Google recently announced that its Inbox, an email app is now available for the iPhone X. In reality, the app was designed for Android at launch, but the app failed to gain its popularity on Android devices. Google is finally adding it to the Apple App Store.

Google says that the company has updated the app so it can work on iOS devices. The coolest part is that the app now supports a top notch of the iPhone X. Google claims that its first-party email app works smoothly on iOS devices and fully meets users’ mailing services.

iOS users now can get the app now by heading over to the App Store. For Android users, they can get the latest update of the app. The update weighs in at 144MB. In reality, Google has been working on the iOS version of Inbox app for months. However, the company needs more time to make sure things run smoothly at launch. Therefore, Google pushed back the release date.

Google’s Inbox app allows you to store your important emails. The app includes some basic features like the ability to bundle and highlight messages. The coolest part is that users will be able to snooze emails and reminders so you can come back to them later.

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