Apple will release a 11-inch iPad Pro, Say Experts

Apple iPad is among the most desired tablets on the market. Apple has been adding new features to its iPad lineup since the launch day in order to offer a better user experience. Apple’s move aims to bring its iPad models in line with PCs on the market. And, the Cupertino company took a big step to achieve that goal when it released the iPad Pro.

The first iPad Pro was debuted back in 2015, featuring a larger display and much-improved processor. The iPad Pro was the most powerful tablet in 2015 and served as a replacement to PC. Under the hood, the original iPad Pro was powered by the A9X chip, thus offering a greater power than other iPad models on the market.

The first generation iPad Pro was a success out there. However, it failed to replace PCs because it still lacked some important features. With that in mind, Apple announced the second generation iPad Pro in 2017, with a lot of new features and changes. The 2nd gen iPad Pro features the A10X Fusion chip to offer a much-improved performance when compared to the first model.

Sources say that Apple has been working on a new iPad Pro in recent years. According to reports, the upcoming iPad Pro will feature an 11-inch display. That’s smaller than the first iPad Pro. Tech experts say that an 11-inch display is better as it helps Apple make the device thinner, which suggests a big reduction in bezel size at launch.

According to rumors, the upcoming 11-inch iPad Pro will come with Face ID. For some background, Face ID is exclusive to the iPhone X, allowing users to unlock their device with a simple glance. Face ID receives a wide welcome from users and tech experts worldwide, which hints at a possible rollout of the feature.

At Apple’s education event in March, Apple announced a new 9.7 inch iPad. The device serves as Apple’s plan to expand its presence in schools in the US. Apple is believed to release another new iPad in September this year which will have some premium features.

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