Tesla Model 3 Test Drive Reactions are Driving Tesla Shorts to Ludicrous Mode

The Reaction

As Tesla officially opened up Model 3 test drives at select stores across United States, reactions from customers who test drove the vehicle has started to pour in. Feedback like the one below has become a common theme among customers who got  behind Tesla Model 3 and Model 3 Performance version.


According to this TMC member, Tesla Model 3 Performance edition may end up making life difficult for cars several segments above, including Tesla’s very own Model S.

Just returned from what was apparently the first P3 test drive at Topanga. Had the chance to make it a thorough one.
Only one word: Ohholymotherofgod!
Acceleration somewhere in between an S 100D and P100D … with Model 3 handling.
AWD Model 3 handling. No squirrelliness on hard launch and incredibly composed when accelerating aggressively through curves.
Necessary? Lord no. The LR is plenty fast and nimble.
But fun? Like mainlining endorphin. Car goes where you want, when you want … actually the instant you even think of it.
Regenerative braking definitely stronger.​”

He added “Unless Tesla screws up organizationally or financially, the game is over.”

Reddit user blueflash17:

“I test drove a Performance Model 3 at my local store this afternoon. They actually have three P3D test drive vehicles, all identically equipped in MC Red with the Performance Package, white interior, and FSD. The one I drove had about 50% charge.

Acceleration. From a complete stop, there is considerable shove. It’s not as brutal as a P85D (and by extension, a P90D or P100D), but it’s certainly impressive. Put another way, the P85D makes you grunt with discomfort as you struggle to speak words. The P3D lets you say “holy sh*t”. What is far more impressive is the amount of instant torque available at higher speeds. 50-75 on the highway feels instantaneous.

Steering response is unbelievable. With the P3D in Sport, it reminded me of my old E90 335i, which had the best steering of all time of any car I’ve driven. The Model 3’s steering ratio is quick and there is virtually no on-center dead spot. It’s telepathically responsive.

The center screen is insanely responsive to inputs. ”

The Short Story

Tesla shorts who were already gobsmacked this week by the twin blow of Sandy Munro, President of Munro & Associates, calling Model 3 the most profitable electric car to date and WSJ Auto Reviewer Dan Neil calling Model 3 – “A Thrilling, Modern, Marvel”, rushed in to arrest the flow of positive coverage.

Tesla Shorts aggressively attacked Dan Neil on Twitter, forcing him to shutdown his twitter account.

A Twitter user who goes by the name MontanaSkeptic1, who bravely prefers to be anonymous,  taunted Daniel Neil for shutting down his twitter account and accused him of a Tesla Worshipper.

Easier simply to remain in pure hidden mode.

Twitter was abuzz with insane stories about Tesla in the last couple of days.

“The grand plan: stockpile cars in advance of Q3, then unleash them en masse to capitalize on FIT credit & generate cash flow. The reality: weak demand, logistical chaos, and Model 3s baking under the California sun in dusty lots.”

“Holy SHIT this video from today shows an ASSLOAD of Teslas just sitting around in a field in 90 degree California heat”

According to Tesla Shorts:  Since plenty of Tesla cars are in the parking lot, the demand is weak and there are no buyers.

The Truth about Parking Lots

Here is small list of Cars parked by non-Tesla Car Manufacturers around the world:

Only one buyer:

No buyers as the cars got wet due to rain:

This is the one I love. May be Tesla conspiracy peddlers will be able to explain, the make of the car, the factory its parked in and why they are baking in the sun.

Black and White, but still no buyers:

It is not unusual for car manufacturers to build cars, park them in a holding area before they are shipped to destinations around the world. Most of these car parks don’t have a roof, simply because there is no point in building one when you have to park thousands of cars every day.

Tesla Shorts do know these things, but still keep their accusations flowing about Tesla, a public company that cannot go on record lying to investors. If there was any iota of truth in these accusations, these people could easily knock the SEC’s door and complain. But instead they stick to complaining on Twitter.

No bonus points for guessing why.