Apple is struggling to sell smartphones in China, Say Reports


China is now the world’s second largest smartphone market. The Chinese smartphone market has seen a strong growth for years, with a lot of big brands contesting for market ground. However, Apple and Samsung are struggling to sell their smartphones units in Chine as they are facing an intense competition with local brands.

According to recent reports, Apple is seeing a drop in smartphone shipments in China. Tech experts claim that high price tags prevent users from getting Apple iPhone models in China. Tech watchers claim that Apple needs to lower the prices of iPhone models in China or other emerging markets.

The Cupertino company is believed to open up more manufacturing facilities in India. Apple’s move aims to cut down on the transport costs, thus significantly decreases the iPhone prices. Sources say that the Cupertino company will release a 6.1 inch iPhone and the device will be manufactured in India.

According to the latest data, Huawei is now dominating the Chinese smartphone market, with more than 27% market share. Oppo ranks second in the country. In reality, Oppo has seen a steady growth in smartphones sales in recent months. The firm is now expanding its presence in the US and UK.

Apple still ranks among the top 5 smartphone makers in China despite a drop in smartphone sales. According to reports, Huawei shipped more than 28 million smartphone units in the second quarter of the year, beating out other rivals on the market.

Apple is still seeing a growth in sales in international markets. The Cupertino company shipped more than 16 million iPhone units in the first three months of the year. Apple iPhone X is now the best-selling phone out there. Tech experts say that Apple will see a boost in smartphone sales in the final three months of the year.

Apple will launch new iPhone models in September, one of which includes a cheaper 6.1 inch iPhone model. The 6.1 inch iPhone is expected to come with exciting features like wireless charging, Face OD, or curved display. However, the device will lack some premium components to achieve a lower price tag.

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