AnyTrans for Cloud – Manage, Transfer, and Share Files Across Multi-clouds in One Place


Cloud computing brings the massive advantage of being able to access data from anywhere, safely and securely, but it has one major drawback. If you use multiple cloud storage services, the only way to access each of them is to download multiple applications on your mobile or have different logins on your PC. No more! There are now services to help you avoid that problem, and one such emerging star is AnyTrans for Cloud.


AnyTrans was developed by iMobie to make file transfers easy between devices and across operating systems. Rather than using multiple tools and workaround methods, AnyTrans allows you to seamlessly transfer files, media and other data across multiple products. AnyTrans for Cloud is essentially the same thing in a cloud environment.

But it is also much more than that.

Let’s say you’re looking for a particular file but you don’t know whether you stored it on iCloud Drive, Google Drive or OneDrive. Searching through each one would be time-consuming, right? With AnyTrans for Cloud, you can use a single search to locate the file across multiple drives, saving you a tremendous amount of time.

That’s the core feature – multiple cloud drives, one login. Link all your cloud accounts to AnyTrans for Cloud and you can avoid the pain of multiple logins. Easily manage all your files and folders on multiple clouds in one single interface. Even better is the fact that this service lets you have the same level of control over your cloud content on any device – desktop or mobile.

One important feature is the flexibility you have during cloud to cloud file transfers. You can choose to manually or automatically sync various clouds, or move files and folders in bulk. You can even download or upload files in bulk to and from your computer. In fact, if you want to send some content to one of your contacts on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, you can simply share a safe link to the specified file or folder. Security is a high-priority consideration, so AnyTrans comes protected with Google 2FA user authentication and 256-bit SSL encryption for the best privacy and security.

The interface is so intuitive that you’ll feel like you’re handling files on a local drive. Just drag and drop content from one cloud service to another and AnyTrans will take care of doing the moving. I like the fact that they’ve given it a very homey feel so depending on the version you download, you’ll get a familiar Windows or MacOS-like environment to work in. The web app is also convenient when you want to log in from someone else’s device or a shared PC.

The biggest benefit of using this service is that you no longer have to remember multiple login IDs and passwords. Once you sign up for AnyTrans for Cloud and your cloud accounts are connected, you just need to remember a single login to access any of those accounts. The service currently supports 10 different cloud services including those from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Yandex and more. Additionally, iMobie is working on support for Instagram, MediaFire, MEGA, and others.

The whole sign-up-and-set-up process takes only a few minutes, and once you’ve verified your email and connected your accounts, you can try the premium service for free for 30 days, and you can upgrade to quarterly, half-yearly or annual plans that are very reasonably priced. If you actively use multiple cloud services, then AnyTrans for Cloud is one of the best multi-cloud management utilities you will ever find.