Last year, Apple announced HomePod, the company’s smart speaker at WWDC event. The HomePod marks Apple’s steps into the smart speaker market where Amazon Echo and Google Home are contesting for ground. Earlier this year, Apple finally launched its smart speaker to the public following the delay. The public release of HomePod was met with a wide welcome on the market.

However, Apple’s HomePod did not have a good start as the company saw a slow sales performance at launch. It seems that things have changed. According to the latest reports, Apple has sold 3 million HomePod smart speaker units since the launch day. Reports also say that the HomePod has seen a strong growth in recent months, mainly thanks to Apple’s effort to improve it.

Amazon now leads the smart speaker market with its Echo lineup and stands at 70 percent of the market share. Google Home now ranks second on the market with a 24 percent market share, while Apple HomePod grabs 6 percent out there.

Apple is expected to lower the price of the HomePod later this year. Tech experts say that a higher price tag prevents users from grabbing the smart speaker. Amazon Echo now starts at $99.99, while Google Home is priced at $129.

The HomePod offers a high-quality audio that sets it apart from other competitors out there. In March, Apple finally added support for multiroom audio, allowing you to pair two HomePod together to create an immersive audio. To do this, open the Home app from your home screen, then select the HomePod you wish to pair, and tap Details. After that, hit Create Stereo Pair and follow the instructions to complete the setup.

Apple has been improving Siri experience on its smart speaker. You now can play your music on multiple HomePod devices using Siri’s voice command without leaving your room. In iOS 12, Apple is expected to add more features to its HomePod, like the ability to make a phone call, set timers, and Find My iPhone.

Sources say that Apple will launch a cheaper HomePod this year to attract more customers this year. However, it remains unknown when we are seeing the device.

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