India is one of the biggest smartphone markets in the world. We are seeing an intense competition among big names in the Indian market. The Chinese smartphone firms like Xiaomi, Huawei, or Oppo are now dominating the smartphone market in India. Huawei shipped millions of smartphone units in the country, which helps the company grab the number one position in Q2/2018.

Apple is struggling to sell its smartphones in India. Last year, Apple’s iPhone SE was among the hottest items in India, but things have changed. The Chinese smartphone firms are selling their new smartphones at cheaper rates in India. Sources say that Xiaomi is planning to open up new manufacturing facilities in India to attract more customers.

According to the latest reports, Apple is working on a new strategic plan to boost smartphone sales performance in India. Specifically, the company is planning to debut a new 6.1 inch iPhone model in the country, and the device will target emerging markets. Sources say that the device has been in mass production at its facilities in India.

Apple’s move to bring iPhone manufacturing chain to India helps the company lower the price of iPhone as Apple will cut down on transport costs. India has been Apple’s main focus in recent years. Indeed, the company is setting up new retail stores in India and improving services to attract more Indian customers.

Last year, Apple saw a strong smartphone shipment in India. The Cupertino company tends to sell older iPhone models in the country to attract more customers. Sources say that the upcoming 6.1 inch iPhone will be Apple’s main plan to take on other rivals on the market. Rumors claim that the device will come with a $400 price tag.

Earlier this week, sources claimed that Apple would unveil a new iPhone model with a dual-SIM card. However, the device will be available in China only, and it remains unknown if Apple will bring the device to the Indian smartphone market. Apple has been in talks with the Indian government to bring more iPhone models to India in the future.

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