Last week, Apple accidentally leaked a few details about the 2019 iPhones in a beta release of iOS 12. Now, it seems that Apple has made yet another error and effectively confirmed that a new iPhone X Plus is definitely on the cards.

The information comes from Guilherme Rambo, who claims to have found iconography in the iOS 12 beta 5 code that confirms the existence of the new device.

The iconography reveals a slightly wider and taller version of iPhone X that retains the Face ID notch at the top.

The same developer also found bezel-less iPad icons in the same beta release of iOS 12, which could be a confirmation that such an iPad is currently at some stage of production. 

Apple needs something to top iPhone X – a new iPhone X Plus to satisfy the annual itch that iDevice owners get to upgrade their devices. But, as with the iPhone X from last year, it’s likely to be a minor upgrade. That won’t matter because those who are going to upgrade are going to do it anyway.


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