Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will cost $980 at launch

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is among the most anticipated phones on the market. The Note 9 is expected to follow the huge success of the current Note 8 on the market. Last year, the South Korean firm announced the Note 8 as a successor to the discontinued Note 7. The Note 8 did a good job recovering Samsung’s reputation following the Note 7 fiasco.

Samsung officially confirmed that the Galaxy Note 9 will make its debut on August 9, meaning that we are now only 24 hours away from the unveiling event. We have heard a lot of rumors regarding Samsung’s next Galaxy Note phone, hinting at the impressive features coming in this year’s phone.

Rumors claim that the next Galaxy Note 9 will come with an in-display fingerprint scanner at launch. Sources claim that the South Korean has been working on a new fingerprint scanner that works under the display for a long time. However, the company is still struggling to make that possible.

Last year, Apple gave up on the plan to integrate a fingerprint scanner under the display due to supply issues. However, Apple has been working on it and will include it with future iPhone models. Samsung and other brands do not want to get left behind this year.

Samsung has just given us some details regarding the Note 9’s pricing and pre-order gifts. Specifically, the upcoming Note 9 will be priced around $980 for the 128GB model. This goes against what we heard in previous rumors which claimed that the phone may cost more than $1000 at launch.

Besides, the phone will come with a much-improved S Pen this year. S-Pen is among the best highlights of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. The Note 9 will be bundled with a number of accessories including Clear View cover, a charging stand, USB C to HDMI adapter, and JBL Inspire 700 headphones. However, pre-order gifts will vary depending on where you live.

The upcoming Galaxy Note 9 will be Samsung’s main focus this year. Samsung will take on Apple’s new iPhone models which are set for September release.

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