3 Tips for Locating a Lost Gadget

Losing a mobile device is everyone’s worst nightmare. This is because your life can come to a standstill when you don’t have a phone. The incident literally isolates you from the rest of the world; you can’t make or receive calls, send text messages or chat with friends on social networks. Besides that, you can’t enjoy the freedom of accessing the internet from any location. The list actually goes on and on.

Buying another handset is also an expensive affair especially if you are addicted to top of the range phones and tablets. However, there are some tricks that you can use to find a lost gadget. This is because the gadget can disappear within the confines of your home, public place or office. Before you think of replacing the lost device, you should first try the tips outlined below.

  1. Use another Handset to Dial Your Number

When you realize that your phone is missing, you should remain calm so that you can think faster. If you are in a public place and you suspect that someone might have stolen your phone, don’t raise the alarm. Just borrow a phone and use it to dial your number. If the phone is not far from where you are, you will definitely hear it ringing. You should follow the sound until you reach where the phone is. If you lose your phone while still at home and it was in silent mode, you should first switch the lights off and close the window curtains.

This will make it easier to identify the backlight of the phone when you dial your number. If you are alone in the house, you should turn on your computer and use the Google voice service to dial your number. In case you have little children in the house that are not able to talk, you should check all the containers that are not covered especially those that are used for storing water because your kids might have immersed it there.

  1. Pump up the Volume of Your Stereo

This idea sounds weird but it really works especially if your house is congested by stuff. If you have a stereo or a sound system, you should then turn it on and set the volume control to the highest level. It’s actually recommended that you carry the radio on your should walk around the house. You will actually hear the waves of the phone distorting the sound of the speakers.

  1. Use Apps

This can only work if your device is a smartphone. With an app, tracking your device is like child’s play. All you need is turn on the GPS locator and you will know where your phone is being used. Some people imagine that they can get away with a phone after removing the sim card. Such a trick only works in old phones. One of the best phone tracking apps is available at handyorten-24.de. With such an app, you can lock the device such that the person who stole it can’t use it in any way. And that’s not all. You can even delete all confidential data at the click of a button.