Apple 2018 iPhone: Everything we know so far

Apple iPhone is among the most desired flagship phones on the market. The Cupertino company announces new iPhone models every year with new changes and exciting features. Apple has been improving its iPhone models since the day one. Back in 2014, the company debuted the iPhone 6, the first Apple’s flagship phone with a 4.7-inch display. Apple’s move was met with mostly positive welcome, with praise directed at its aluminum design and stunning screen.

iPhone models have not seen an overhauled design since then as modern devices mainly take some hints from 2014 phones. However, Apple iPhone X marks the biggest design change Apple has ever made on an iPhone model, with the adoption of an OLED display, top notch, and a glass-back design.

Apple was struggling to sell its iPhone X in its first three months of availability due to its new navigation gestures. However, the X quickly gained its popularity on the market, with 16 millions of units shipped in Q1/2018. Apple is expected to announce its new iPhone models at this year’s September event. Sources say that Apple will launch three new iPhone models this year, including a 6.1 inch iPhone model, a new iPhone X, and an iPhone X Plus.

In reality, we have heard a lot of rumors regarding this year’s iPhone models, giving us a preview of what’s coming into Apple’s new phone. With that in mind, we have gathered everything we know so far about 2018 iPhone models.

  1. Release date

Apple has its tradition of launching its new iPhone models at an event in September. Last year, Apple announced iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X on September 12, with the public release set for September 22. Sources say that Apple’s 2018 iPhones will make their debut on September 8, earlier than the last year’s models.

Apple has no reason to move away from its September event this year. Its main rivals, Samsung and Sony already have their own flagship phones out there, and Apple does not want to get left behind. However, some reliable sources claim that the cheaper 6.1 inch iPhone model will not be ready until October this year.

If this is the case, this is not the first time we are seeing Apple delay its products. Last year, the company pushed back the release of its HomePod to February 2018. In 2017, the iPhone X was also delayed until November due to supply issues. With a lot of contradictory rumors, it’s hard to tell when we are seeing new iPhone models. Let’s wait and see.

  1. OLED displays

Last year, Apple moved away from its traditional LCD display, instead, adopting OLED panel for its iPhone models. However, OLED display panels are exclusive to iPhone X, while the other two stick with LCD displays. Sources say that all three iPhone models will feature OLED displays this year. However, it seems that we need to wait a little longer.

Last year, Samsung Display was having a hard time manufacturing OLED panels for iPhone models. The South Korean firm now dominates the OLED market with more than 90 percent market share. Samsung is now Apple’s biggest partner as an OLED supplier. Last year, the South Korean company secured a $4 billion deal to supply Apple with hundreds of millions of OLED panels for future iPhone models.

According to the latest sources, the 6.1 inch iPhone will feature an LCD display this year. That means that OLED panels will be exclusive to new iPhone X and iPhone X Plus. In reality, Apple does not have enough resources to produce three OLED-enabled iPhone models this year.

Apple has been looking for suppliers of components for its iPhone models in recent years. Reports claim that LG Display will be providing Apple with LCD displays for cheaper iPhone models.

  1. A cheaper iPhone

Apple has no plan to produce a cheap iPhone model, but things have changed. Apple iPhone SE is among the hottest items in emerging markets like India or China. Sources say that Apple has been working on an affordable iPhone model for years.

The upcoming cheap iPhone will sport a 6.1-inch display. However, Apple will use an LCD display to achieve a lower price tag. However, cheap iPhone is not that cheap as it may cost $399 at launch this year.

The upcoming 6.1 inch iPhone will mainly target emerging markets this year. Sources say that the 6.1-inch model will be manufactured in India, which helps Apple cut down on transport costs and lower the price of the phone.

However, the phone will still feature wireless charging and Face ID at launch. Sources say that the device will come with the first generation Face ID, the same technology we have already seen on the current iPhone X.

  1. Apple Pencil support

Apple Pencil is among the best highlights of the iPad Pro lineup. With the Apple Pencil, you can take notes, or stretch your ideas right on your display. Sources say that Apple will add Apple Pencil support to its 2018 iPhone models.

However, Apple will be limiting its Apple Pencil support to its OLED variants of iPhone models this year. This means that the 6.1 inch iPhone model will miss out on it this fall. In reality, Apple is expanding Apple Pencil to more devices. In March, Apple brought its stylus to its 9.7 inch iPad.

Apple’s main rival, Samsung is believed to add support for S-Pen to more devices. The Note 9’s S-Pen is the first stylus with Bluetooth connectivity on the market, allowing for better interaction with apps and services.

If this is the case, you will be able to take notes or stretch your ideas on your phone’s screen. Sources say that Apple has been working on new features for its stylus. Specifically, it might include support for Bluetooth functionality at launch.

Apple’s 2018 iPhone models are expected to follow the huge success of its current models. It remains unknown what Apple will include in this year’s iPhone models. We need to wait until an official announcement is made.

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