VIPs in Hong Kong have been invited to exclusive events to presumably showcase the Model 3 ahead of what might be a strong Tesla entry into the Asian market.

The private invites were dated for August 13 through August 31, and were scheduled in four time slots through the day: 12 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM, and 7 PM.

Although the VIPs might not get to drive the Model 3 yet, Tesla has invited them to book test drives for Model S and Model X on a limited first-come-first-served basis.

The invite did not specifically mention Model 3, but the outline of the image on the invite is unmistakable. Apparently, the Model 3 was already spotted at a showroom in Hong Kong by a Twitter user, who posted photos of the car.

Tomorrow (August 31) is the last day of the daily events, so possibly the last time invitees will get a chance to see the Model 3 in the flesh before the company organizes a mass-market showcase.

The Model 3 was showcased earlier this month in Australia and New Zealand. In at least one Tesla showroom, there was a long queue on the day of the unveiling, which made it look like an iPhone launch rather than a chance of a peek at the Model 3.

There seems to be tremendous interest in the electric sedan in Asian countries, especially China. The Hong Kong events will have whet their appetites for the real thing, although we don’t know when that will come. With Tesla on the verge of beginning construction work at the new factory outside Shanghai, China could be the first country outside the United States where the Model 3 will be available to order.

That being said, Tesla still needs to cover its massive backlog of reservations, so even if the company were to reveal an availability date for overseas markets, there’s only a 50% chance that they’ll meet the goal.

Delays have been an integral part of Tesla’s Model 3 story. Production seems to be ramping up nicely towards the 10,000 cars a week mark, at which time the Model 3 will hit an annual production run rate of just under 500,000 cars over the following 12 months.

That figure will cover existing reservations that haven’t been cancelled yet, and leave a few thousand cars left over to fulfill new orders that are coming it at a healthy rate, according to the company.

An overseas launch is not entirely out of the question over the next six to twelve months, but Tesla bulls and bears alike will be keeping a close eye on VIN registrations, production numbers and actual deliveries over the coming quarters. The immediate and possibly most crucial objective for Tesla now is to exit the third quarter in the black.

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