Car and Driver Reviews Tesla Model 3 Performance: Loves Track Mode, Seats not so much

First Model 3
First Model 3

Car and Driver, a well known US based Auto magazine took Tesla Model 3 Performance edition for a spin and called the most expensive Model 3 a hugely impressive machine.

Car and Driver noted Model 3’s State-of-the-art electric motoring, Track mode that indulges drift fantasies, a communicative and compliant chassis as it’s highest points, while listing Seats that lack lateral support and not as attractive or luxurious as some of its rivals as its lowest point.

Though Tesla Model 3 Performance edition’s high price tag, reaching $80,500 when all options are included, sticks out like a sore thump, reviewers have fell in love with the car. Wall Street Journal’s Dan Neil, the only auto journalist ever to win a Pulitzer called the Model 3 “a magnificent little rainbow farting spaceship”, MotorTrend named the Model 3 Performance edition as a pure jungle cat and the list is slowly getting bigger with Car and Driver walking away impressed with the vehicle.

Car and Driver’s analysis of Track Mode: Key Points

“What we can’t tell you at this point is what the Model 3 Performance will do on a real track. But in 40 or 50 minutes of nigh-continuous tomfoolery on the autocross course, the car never cut power, the brakes exhibited zero sign of fade, and the only casualty seemed to be 100 miles of range.”

“Tesla’s new thermal-management strategy allows the Model 3 Performance to run harder for longer than the company’s earlier vehicles.”

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