Tesla Model 3 Cars at Union Pacific Railyard Finally Released to Owners

Last week, it was reported that as many as 20 Tesla Model 3 electric cars were allegedly “held hostage” at the Union Pacific Railyard because of issues between the company and the railroad. One of the customers awaiting delivery has now confirmed to The Drive that she finally received her car.

“As frustrating as the wait and miscommunication was, the car absolutely makes up for it. I’ve been smiling nonstop since I picked it up,” said Megan Gale.

This particular issue has been referred to by Tesla CEO Elon Musk as a “logistics hell” leading to delayed deliveries for Tesla in this crucial third quarter. The media and analysts all expect the company to come out with stunning Model 3 production and delivery numbers for Q3 even as these hiccups continue.

If you’re taking delivery of a Model 3 in the next few weeks, watch this video of delivery-time items to check off when inspecting the car.