Model 3 Home Delivery? ‘Tesla Direct’ Aims to Clear Inventory During Q3

Model 3

Tesla is on hyperdrive with Model 3 deliveries, even starting a home delivery service called Tesla Direct. The company is scrambling to clear its inventory as we approach the end of the third quarter, a crucial one that’s already studded with massive successes and epic fails.

On the success side, we’ll be seeing record Model 3 production numbers that are already approaching the 60,000 cars mark. Deliveries have been a “logistics nightmare” but Tesla is putting every ounce of creativity it can to muster the numbers, even inviting Model 3 owners to help out delivery staff with educating new customers when they take their cars. Also on the plus side could be profitability, with Tesla likely to report GAAP profitability this quarter.

On the fail side, there was the take-private episode that didn’t end well for Musk or Tesla, and the resulting probe into the goings-on by the SEC and the Department of Justice, not to mention at least two lawsuits brought to bear by Tesla short investors. There were also bottlenecks with quality checks, as well as paint issues, which the company quickly resolved by dropping two colors from the exterior options section of the Design Studio.

On the whole, though, it’s been a very good quarter, and the reported numbers should bear that out. It was during this quarter that the Model 3 became the #5 best selling car in the United States and #1 in terms of sales revenue. It might also be the quarter that sees the 100,000th Model 3 roll out of the factory.

For now, clearing inventory is a priority, and Tesla even brought back free Supercharging for Model 3 and other inventory to make sure the lots are cleared by September 30, the end of the third quarter. Earlier this month Tesla conducted an ‘Exclusive Delivery Experience’ event at its Fremont factory, which was a huge success.

The new Tesla Direct initiative is currently being rollout out in the LA Metro area over the weekend. It’s unclear whether Tesla will keep it going through the end of the month, but they’re sure to have something up their sleeves for cars that are still awaiting owners.