Model 3 Key Fob Will Be Free for Current Owners, Standard for New Buyers

Model S Key Fob, Keyless Entry

If you have a Model 3 and hate using the key card, there’s good news for you. The new Model 3 key fob, images of which were released by the FCC earlier this week, will be free for Model 3 owners who request it. Of course, there’s no firm date on availability, but Tesla has confirmed that it will come standard with all new cars and will be free for existing Model 3 owners.

When the key fob comes, the Model 3 will have three different access methods: the fob, the key card and the mobile app. We don’t know if the key card will eventually be phased out, but it’s very likely since even Tesla CEO Elon Musk has admitted in the past that it’s a little hard to use.

On a related note, if you have keyless entry activated, your car can easily be targeted by relay hackers who will ‘hijack’ your card’s signal and replicate it near the vehicle even when you’re far away. The gear only costs $22, and it was even showcased by a security research group a while ago.

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The new Model 3 fob isn’t going to make your car theft-proof. It’s only a convenience that offers an alternate means of access to open the car. To protect yourself from relay hacks, the only way is to disable keyless entry, which isn’t the ideal way but currently the only option – at least, until Tesla figures out a hack-proof security feature for its electric cars.