Quick Makeup Hacks for a Dazzling Bride to Be!

As the classic adage goes, “Marriages are made in heaven.” Don’t you think giving yourself that perfect touch of makeup would be justifiable? Every bride wants to look at their best on their wedding day because getting hitched to someone you love is indeed a moment of joy to celebrate.

Are you planning to steal the limelight on your special day through your dazzling looks, well then here are some of the essential hacks which you must know to become a stunning bride! Let’s quickly walk you through some of the tips to get your skin ready for that perfect look!  

Clear skin plays a very vital role

It’s time to pamper yourselves because it’s your D-day! Hence, taking an appointment with the best Spas and getting your skin ready for the best looks through facials are extremely important. Get the pores and the extra facial hair removed to achieve the best bridal makeup looks. Facial hair can instantly wreck the looks.

Dark circles are an excellent buzz kill

Eyes are the most attractive parts on the face and keeping them radiant can create an extra bit of magic. Remove those dark circles around the eyes with slices of cucumber and potatoes. Place thin chopped cucumber or potato slices around the eyes every day twice to get rid of those dark circles.

Drink lots of water

Water is one of the boons to everyone and especially for a bride to be! Remember to gulp down much water to keep your skin free of pimples. Water removes toxins to a greater extent and going on water therapy, or a complete detoxification therapy gives you radiant looks.

Now that the skin is set, it’s time to learn a few quick hacks that make you the most beautiful bride ever!

Clean Brushes

There can be breakouts at any point, and this can be due to many reasons mainly because of hormonal fluctuations in the body. Well, you do not have to brood over it, use clean brushes to knock-out and even out those breakouts instantly and a lot of bridal makeup artist to follow this technique.

Are you fond of dramatic eyes?

Well, winged look on the eyes is the most happening thing, and of course, it does create sensational magic when your bridegroom looks straight into your eyes. To get those flicks right, make sure to stick a cellophane tape or a scotch tape on the corner of your eyes. Use the eyeliner on the tape and once dried, peel them off.

Get an instant rosy glow

When you blush, it’s beautiful and to give you that magical looks, make sure to apply the blushes on the apple of your cheeks and then dab a drop of water and blend both the things evenly to get a perfect rosy glow look.

Get lasting eyeshadows done

Eyes-shadows play a vital role in enhancing the overall appearance of the eyes. Well, there are a lot of eye-shadows available but to make them last longing, color the eyelids using the same colored pencils before applying a coat or two of eye-shadows, and this will give you those long-lasting coverage on your wedding day.

Lips too thin

Quickly take a blob of eye cream and dab them gently on your lips for those cute plump lips and then color them with your favorite choice of lipsticks but make sure to go a little subtle on the colors as too bold can be too flashy and can ruin the overall looks.

Bronzers are game changers

Bronzers can be game changers when applied right! The first important thing to know while choosing a bronzer for Indian bridal makeup is to check for the skin tone. Too darker the bronzer things change drastically and can create a very different and undesirable look. Choose a bronzer which is about a couple of shades darker than your actual skin tone and remember that too less is too good! Hence, do not overdo the bronzer as it can make you look incredibly dull and those things can be learned by watching a bridal makeup video.

Fluffy brushes are the best tools

Be it for foundations or bronzer application, invest in an excellent fluffy brush to get the desired bridal makeup images.  Small and thin brushes can deposit much makeup on your face making it look patchy. Hence, using the right applicator is highly needed.

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Highlight the brow bone

Remember to use the right, highlighting effect under your brow bone, and this can instantly lift the overall looks of the bride. When everything is bright, there has to be something that can even out the looks, and a highlighter does this trick by popping the eyes out by making it bold and beautiful.

Matching lip liners

Gone are the days when people loved the looks created by a lighter or darker shade of lip liners with the lipsticks. To make their bride look more beautiful a lot of Pakistani bridal makeup artists prefer lip liners of the same color.

Get those fake eyelashes

Stick those lovely pairs of false eyelashes and then load them with mascara to get a perfect bridal look. Seek assistance from a bridal makeup artist to get those eyelashes on your eyes quickly and effortlessly.

Well, when it’s your wedding, it is quite evident that you would want to be the best bride and that can be achieved with these brilliant makeup hacks. Knowing things the first hand can save you from many disasters on your wedding day! The wedding is an individual thing not just for the couple but the families, on the whole, make it special by looking your best.

Try these tricks repeatedly before your wedding as, “Practice makes man perfect”; practicing these makeup tricks can make the bride perfect! Try these hacks from Fabulive makeup tutorials and mesmerize your man with stunning looks!