Live casinos have been gaining pace over the past few years and today they have become a preferred alternative for many table game enthusiasts. What makes live casinos so popular is that they offer an authentic gambling atmosphere, which can be enjoyed from the comfort of one’s own home. It should be noted that live casino games are available at most reliable casinos. What is more, live casino gaming platforms are generally developed by the same companies, which develop online casino games.

Aiming to cater to players who strive for an enriched Roulette and Blackjack experience, NetEnt launched its live gaming platform in 2013. Even today, NetEnt live casinos still offer Live Roulette and Live Blackjack. However, the developer also offers a unique Blackjack variety, known as Common Draw Blackjack. This game has a surprisingly high RTP of 99.50% and uses a common set of cards in order to increase the number of bets placed each round, and thus boosting the game’s scalability.

Many players wrongly believe that it is impossible to win at NetEnt live casinos, but the case is not such. In fact, it is quite easy to win, so long as you follow our experts’ tips.

NetEnt Live Casino Tips: Live Blackjack

First and foremost, let us make it clear that Live Blackjack is in no way different than other forms of blackjack. Having made that clear, let us proceed to the actual tips.

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1. Choose tables that pay 3 to 2 for blackjack

At NetEnt casinos, you can see that Live Blackjack tables offer various payouts for blackjack. To boost your winning chances, always seek tables which pay 3 to 2 for blackjack, and where the dealer stands on soft 17.

You see, even though blackjack is a game with a pretty low house edge, if you do not choose your live dealers of NetEnt smartly, the house edge might rise considerably. Do not let yourself be at a disadvantage and opt for the kind of table we described above. Sure, it might take you more time to find such a table, but it is worth it.

2. Play one hand at a time and do not sit close to the dealer

If you tend to use strategies when playing Live Blackjack, we advise you to refrain from playing multiple hands at the same time. Instead, keep your focus on the one hand – this will probably increase your chances of success.

Last, but not least, always consider your position on the table and, if possible, opt to sit the farthest from the dealer, as this makes it easier to keep track of the cards that have been dealt.

NetEnt Live Casino Tips: Live Roulette

Regardless of which type of Roulette you play at your NetEnt live casino, we have prepared some tips to help you boost your winnings.

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1. Keep in mind that there are no imbalanced wheels

Many roulette fans wrongly presume that every roulette wheel is slightly imbalanced and that it is due to this imbalance that certain numbers occur more often than others. So, as Live Roulette games are played with a real wheel, gamblers presume that it is biased just like in traditional casinos.

In truth, however, neither land-based roulette wheels nor live ones are imbalanced. Remember that live casinos undergo a series of tests and checks to determine that their software is legitimate and that their games are fair, and NetEnt live casinos are no different. Essentially, if there is any problem with the roulette wheels, the casino will not be allowed to operate, and that is why there are no imbalanced wheels at live casinos.

2. Use a betting system, but do not depend on it

As you might already know, there are tens of different roulette betting systems. Some of those are centered around betting more money each time you lose, whereas others rely on mathematical principles. Of course, you can try any of these betting systems when playing at a NetEnt live casino, but do remember that no strategy is 100% effective at all times.