5 Pre-Installed Android Apps That Should be in Every Phone

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About 2.19 million smartphones are expected to be in circulation by the end of the year. It’s a huge figure that shows just how popular smartphones are.

We can do almost everything on a smartphone – make calls, send emails, watch videos, book transport, order food. It’s a mini-office now as you can stay in touch with your employees with a smartphone and even view and send important documents.

This is why most smartphones come with preinstalled apps that make life easier for the user. However, still, you do miss some apps.

Let’s have a look at five apps that should be on every phone:

#1: Email Organizer

If your professional life depends on your smartphone, then you will need an email organizer. These apps allow you to toggle between multiple email accounts, created on different platforms.

Most people have multiple accounts, including personal and professional accounts. These organizers let you send and view emails without any trouble. Plus, you also get notifications so that you never miss an email.

#2: Google Apps

Google offers a mix of apps that can make your life easier. These include:

  • Google Drive lets you edit and share important documents with your colleagues on-the-go.

  • Google Hangouts is useful for having video-meetings from remote places. This can help save a lot of time and effort.

  • Google Maps make sure you’re never lost thanks to GPS navigation.

Most of these apps are free and come pre-installed on Android devices.

#3: Streaming shows and watching videos

Youtube is a must in today’s time to stay updated with the latest songs, shows, and movies. It has a lot of content, including original content, which you can enjoy on the go with the YouTube app, which even allows offline viewing.

Other than this, apps like Netflix and Hulu should also be considered. With so many people now cutting the cord, such apps the ruling the roost.

#4: PDF Reader

With a pre-installed PDF reader, you won’t have to go through the trouble of finding the most reliable and convenient one. PDF readers allow you to open PDF files, make changes, and even e-sign documents.

SodaPDF is a good option but there are others available as well.

#5: Editing Apps

It doesn’t matter how good our pictures look, most of us are not satisfied until we manually edit a pic. Most phones allow simple editing tasks such as changes in brightness and contrast. However, that’s not enough for most people, which is why you need pre-installed editing app on your phone.

Instasize, PicMonkey, and Filmora are examples of photo and video apps that let you edit your pictures and videos without any trouble.

Here’s your bonus!

#6: Facetime or Skype

Facetime is only for iOS devices, that too for only supported ones. For others, there’s Skype, which works as well as Facetime. These apps can make your life easier by allowing you to send messages, make audio calls, or enjoy video conversations over the internet.