A Model 3 with a Butterfly Steering Wheel like the Upcoming Roadster 2020? Chicago Aftermarket Parts Maker Releases Photos

Butterfly Steering Wheel in a Model 3 Tesla

Judging by the pictures posted by aftermarket steering wheel maker TAW Chicago on its Instagram account, the butterfly steering wheel looks very modern and natural for a car like the Model 3. But will the kind of steering wheel that would fit so well in the upcoming 2020 Roadster be suitable for a Model 3?

Tesla Model 3 Roadster steering wheel 5

Tesla Model 3 Roadster steering wheel 4
Tesla Model 3 Roadster steering wheel 3

There’s also the matter of open-top steering wheels being illegal in several markets. Although this is a custom-designed third-party product, it will still need to jump through regulatory hoops in order to be street-legal.

One question is whether or not Tesla’s warranty might be voided if you replace your steering wheel. The steering controls will need to integrate seamlessly with Tesla’s software and existing hardware, so does that mean you’ll need to get it installed at a Tesla Service Center?

Legal and technical questions aside, the open-top look really does work well on the Model 3, esthetically speaking. In terms of functionality, we don’t really know. The one shown in the photos was put into a car owned by Ultimate Road Rally, so there’s at least one Model 3 out there with such a steering wheel. Will it work for the larger market? That remains to be seen.

As of now, TAW Chicago is inviting Model 3 owners to send them a direct message for a quote on the new steering wheel. You can do so via their Instagram account.