Tesla Model 3 Easter Eggs: Fart App Reveals Musk’s Real Age


Tesla CEO Elon Musk is officially 8 years old. Or thereabouts. Who else would put a fart app in their most valuable product and call it “Emissions Testing Mode”??

As part of the Easter Eggs update that’s coming to all Model 3, Model X and Model S cars before the holidays, the fart app makes various types of break-wind noises. Luckily, Musk didn’t throw in a smell pod to make it even more realistic.

Another Easter Egg that’s coming this month is Romance Mode, but we’re not sure what to expect here. Perhaps it’s something to do with soft interior lighting and Lionel Richie playing in the background? At least we managed to get a glimpse of how the fart app works, as seen in this video submitted by a Reddit user:

It’s refreshing to learn that Tesla is still a fun company and Musk is still a fun CEO despite the tremendous and sustained pressure he’s been under over the past few years.

So enjoy your Easter Eggs until they come. Right now they’re only accessible to those registered for the early access program, but it’s coming before the holidays.

The Tesla software build number for this update is 2018.48.12.3a4e97c in case you’re interested.