Tesla Model 3 is the best selling electric car in Canada

Backlog or not, Tesla Model 3 keeps running away with the market it’s competing in. Tesla started delivering Model 3 in Canada only by May this year but since then it has raced to the top of EV sales chart in Canada. 

Tesla Model 3 is the number one plug-in in Canada with sales of 6,271 units this year, followed by Nissan Leaf with 5,510 units. (January to November 2018).

The gulf between Tesla Model 3 and the rest of the pack was so wide in November; Tesla sold 600 units of Model 3, compared to 389 units of Nissan Leaf and 246 units of Chevrolet Bolt.

Model X had 125 units against its name, while Model S had just 75 units. 

Canada: January to November 2018 Sales

Tesla Model 3: 6,271

Tesla Model S: 1,047

Tesla Model X: 1,440

The Canadian Auto Market remained extremely weak in 2018, declining for nine straight months. November sales dropped by 9.4% to 143,668 vehicles. 

In Contrast, the EV market in Canada has seen spectacular growth this year with some able help from Model 3. In the first three quarters of 2018, nearly 35,000 EVs were sold in Canada, a growth of 158% compared to last year.

Electric vehicles now account for 8.3% of new passenger car sales in Canada and if the current trend persists, EVs will continue to gain market share in 2019. 

According to Fleetcarma, “At current rates, Canada will see more electric vehicles (EVs) sold across the country in 2018 than the previous three years, combined.”

Sales of Tesla Model S, X and 3 in Canada may drop in December, as the electric car maker will prioritize US deliveries to help customers avail $7,500 federal tax credit, which expires after December 31, 2018

CEO Elon Musk announced this Sunday that, “Tesla is releasing all vehicles for sale today where original customer can’t take delivery before end of year.

” In other words, you may be able to get a Tesla before the $7500 US tax credit drops in 2 weeks, even if you haven’t placed an order yet .”

It will not be a huge surprise if Tesla sales in Canada drops closer to dead in December.