Mac Pro is 5 Years Old, Will it be 6 before Apple Does Something?

The Mac Pro is now five years old and still ticking. Through most of this time, there’s been a substantial clamoring for a serious upgrade, but design constraints have made that impossible, as revealed by senior Apple executives at a candid meeting with the press last year.

The chief issue is that the design of the Mac Pro posed a limitation to its thermal capacity.

To elaborate a little, the current two-GPU architecture isn’t designed for high-thermal-capacity workloads. As a result, major design improvements to accommodate more single GPUs were impractical from a design perspective.

One important phenomenon that was noted by Apple at the time was that the gap left by the Mac Pro was able to be filled by the iMac, so that’s where Apple focused its energies. That and the Mac Mini, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Next year, we’ll see a ‘rethunk’ Mac Pro designed for “demanding pro customers.” Let’s hope that the Mac Pro doesn’t hit the ripe old age of six before that happens.

Older Mac Pro – 2006 to 2012

We know that Apple is slower than 2G when it comes to desktops over mobile, but there’s a broad market out there looking for a really powerful Mac Pro that can keep its cool when handling specific types of workloads. We can only pray that they haven’t missed the bus by then.

Let’s leave you with this awesome History of the Mac Pro video made by Apple Explained and uploaded to YouTube: