Tesla loses vice president of Gigafactory 1, Jens Peter Clausen, to Zymergen: CNBC

In what can be termed as a set back to Tesla’s rapidly expanding Gigafactory 1 operations, Tesla lost Jens Peter Clausen, who oversaw Tesla’s sprawling battery facility in Nevada 1 to Zymergen.

Zymergen, the five-year-old molecular manufacturing technology company has appointed Clausen as Senior Vice President of Global Manufacturing.

Jens Peter Clausen
Jens Peter Clausen

Jens Peter Clausen has a Master’s degree in MMT innovation & technology from Aalborg University and a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from Aarhus University.

Clausen who served as Vice President of Gigafactory at Tesla reported directly to CEO Elon Musk. At Zymergen, he will be reporting directly to co-founder Jed Dean.

“Jens Peter’s experience will be instrumental in scaling the production and development of our molecular products to meet the growing demand for industrial innovation,” said Dean. “He shares our passion for invigorating change across industries and we’re excited to welcome him to our team.”

“Zymergen has done a remarkable job pioneering a new technical field through the marriage of science and technology,” said Clausen. “I am thrilled to join such a dynamic and talented team with such outsized potential to transform the world around us.”

Tesla has seen plenty of executive departures in 2018 and the pace of high-level departures is yet to slow down. Tesla recently lost its senior
sales director Dan Kim to Airbnb and Senior designer Andrew Kim to Apple.

Tesla’s High Profile Departures in 2018:


Jens Peter Clausen, Vice President of Gigafactory 1

Dan Kim, Senior Director of Global sales and Marketing

Andrew Kim, Senior Designer 


Dave Morton, Chief Accounting Officer

Gabrielle Toledano, Chief People Officer

Sarah O’Brien, Vice President of Communications


Ganesh Srivats, Vice President of Retail, Delivery, and Marketing


Doug Field, Senior Vice President of Engineering

Karim Bousta, Vice President of Worldwide Service

Yannick Roux, Director of Manufacturing

Paul Lomangino, Director of Engineering


Matthew Schwall, Director of Field Performance Engineering

Cal Lankton, Vice President of Energy Sales and Operations


Jim Keller, Vice President of Autopilot


Susan Repo, Treasurer and Vice President of Finance

Eric Branderiz, Chief Accounting Officer


Jon McNeill, President of Global Sales and Service