Detroit News auto critic Henry Payne calls Tesla Model 3 the Vehicle of the Year

Henry Payne, an auto critic for The Detroit News, has now joined the Model 3 admirer list, as he named Tesla Model 3 the vehicle of the year after testing more than 60 vehicles.

He named Chevy Corvette ZR1 as the first runner-up and Ford-Ranger as the second runner-up.

Payne calls the $55,000 Dual Motor Model 3 an Apple on wheels. He says, ” Musk re-imagined the car like Steve Jobs re-thought the phone — as a study in design minimalism that is both gorgeous and more efficient than established platforms. Privately, other automaker execs tell me they admire Tesla for innovations that are pushing the industry forward: over-the-air updates, better connectivity, better user interfaces.”

He seems to be particularly impressed by Tesla Model 3’s ability to overcome its “inherent weight disadvantage” caused by its heavy battery pack to offer “good vehicle dynamics”.

Model 3’s drawbacks according to Payne –

“The Model 3 is also notable for its shortcomings.

Now in wide use across the country — not just the sunny Left Coast — it exposes the disadvantage of EVs in cold-weather range and spare infrastructure. And with states like Michigan banning Tesla dealerships, customer service will be tested. If the $7,500 federal tax credit evaporates next year, Tesla will be challenged to maintain its galloping sales pace.”


Being an auto critic is not so easy these days.

When, Dan Neil, the only car columnist ever to win a Pulitzer called the Model 3 ‘A Thrilling, Modern Marvel in July this year, he was trolled endlessly by Tesla haters, forcing him to close his twitter account.

Slowly but surely Tesla Model 3 has moved higher in the best selling car list in the United States, while also winning the vote of confidence from several auto critics and auto journals.

Source: The Detroit News