Tesla Model S Price: How much does it really cost

If the 2008 Tesla Roadster was the car that started it off for Tesla, then its the Tesla Model S that allowed Tesla to become a household name all over the world.

But with Tesla, being Tesla, keeping track of its vehicle price is an exhausting job. Tesla keeps adjusting the price of Model S, as well as the price of other models depending on how much demand they need and they do it without any warning.

A Black Tesla Model S

What is Tesla Model S Price, really?

Well, if you are wondering how much Tesla Model S will cost you, the answer depends on various factors. The trim you select, the options you select can add nearly $13,500 to the base price and the tax credits vary depending on the state you live and when you or ordering.

If you take delivery of Tesla Model S between January 1 to June 30, 2019 you are eligible for a federal tax credit of $3,750. Deliveries between July 1 to December 31, 2019, carry a federal tax credit of $1,875. Deliveries after January 1, 2020 will not be eligible for federal tax credit.

The Tesla Model S starts at $78,000 now, $10,000 more than it’s starting price last year.

The reason for the sharp jump in price is because Tesla discontinued the models powered by 60 kWh battery packs from the lineup, the Model S 60 and Model S 60D, which started at $68,000.

Tesla offers Model S in 3 variations:  75, 100D and P100D.

Tesla Model S MSRP Range: $78,000 – $147,000

Tesla Model S Price vs Specification

Range in miles259335315
Top Speed140 mph155 mph155 mph
0-60 mph4.2s4.1s2.5s
Battery75 kWh100 kWh100 kWh
Weight4,769 lbs4,883 lbs4,941 lbs
Starting Price$78,000$96,000 $135,000
Fully loaded Price$91,500 $109,500 $147,000

Data Source: Pricing details from Tesla Model S Design Studio. Other details from Model S webpage. Price excludes taxes and fees

What are my Options?

If you have made up your mind to buy the Tesla Model S or even if you are in the process of finalizing your next car, you need to take a closer look at all the options/features that Tesla offers.

The Paint: Five choices to make, ranging from free to $2,500

Tesla offers five paint options. If you are like me and love the solid-black, then you don’t have to spend extra dollars. But if you choose Midnight silver or deep blue metallic colors you will have to pay an additional $1,500. The Pearl white multi-coat and the red multi-coat costs $2,000 and $2,500 respectively.

Wheels: Three choices – Free to $4,500

Tesla offers three wheel choices for your Model S. The 19″ Silver Wheels are part of the base package, so its free. You can choose 19″ carbon slipstream wheels for $1,500 or the top of the line 21″ sonic carbon twin turbine wheels for $4,500.

The exterior options can be free. But if you keep clicking in the Tesla Model S design studio and end up picking the red multi-coat dress and pair it with carbon twin turbine shoes for your Model S, it will cost you an additional $7,000.

Interior Pricing

Tesla offers two interior options for Performance Model S P100D and three options for 75D and 100D.

If you are buying top of the line performance edition you can choose either all black or black and white carbon fiber decor and ventilated seats. There is no additional charge for selecting either one.

The base 75D and mid 100D Model S trims get three interior options, all black which is included in package – meaning its free, choosing black and white or cream costs additional $1,500.

What’s included? The Premium Package (No additional cost for all three variants)

  • Prevent viruses and bacteria from entering the cabin with a medical-grade HEPA air filtration system
  • Block offensive odors, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbon exhaust fumes from polluting cabin air with two activated carbon purification filters
  • Custom audio system specifically tuned for a Tesla’s ultra-quiet cabin
  • XM satellite radio capability
  • Sub-zero weather features including heated seats for every passenger, heated steering wheel, wiper blade defrosters and washer nozzle heaters


Earlier Tesla used to offer Enhanced Autopilot for $5,000 and then there was an additional $3000 to be paid for full-self driving. But Tesla dropped full-self driving option a few months ago.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that having two options, Enhanced Autopilot and Full-Self Driving was causing too much confusion and the company decided to make it a single one.

If you want the Autopilot you have to pay $5,000. You can always buy the Autopilot later, because it’s a software and Tesla IT unit can enable the feature with a click of a button, over the air-style, but they ask for $7,000 if you want to buy it after taking delivery of the car.

How Model S options add another $13.5k to your final price?

Exterior: Paint and wheel choices can be either free or cost up to $7,000.

Interior: Options are included in the package for P100D, but for the other two models, choosing anything other than an all-black interior will add $1,500.

Autopilot costs $5,000

Tesla Model S Price: The Option/Feature Price Breakdown

Exterior $7,000
Interior $1,500

How much does it Cost to Insure Tesla Model S

Similar to other luxury cars, Tesla Model S insurance remains on the higher side. According to USA Today, average annual insurance of Tesla Model S is $1789.48 in 2018.

The cost of the Tesla Model S insurance will vary significantly based on the trim and options you choose, your age, driving history, location and amount of coverage purchased. You can compare Model S insurance rates here.

Tesla Model S: The Pricing Competition

Tesla Model S dethroned the Mercedes S Class from the number one position in the United States market.

Mercedes S Class Pricing by Models in the United States

The Mercedes S Class has four variants on offer, starts at $91,250 for the base S 450 Sedan and goes all the way to $104,350 for the S 560 4MATIC Sedan. Tesla Model S and Mercedes Benz S Class compete within the $80,000 to $150,000 luxury car market in the United States.

Tesla dethroned the Mercedes S Class from the pole position of the US large luxury segment in 2015. Since then, Tesla Model S has occupied the top spot, outselling the three pointed German star.

The Tesla Model S does have a pricing advantage over the Mercedes S class as the base 75D Model S starts at $78,000 compared to the more than $91,250 starting price for Mercedes Benz S Class 450.