Your Cheat Sheet for Cybersecurity [Infographic]: Most Expensive Data Breaches and More

cybersecurity infographic

What do you know about cybersecurity? If you’re like most people, you know that you need to have an antivirus system installed and that you need to choose strong passwords. These are both solid tips, but they aren’t quite enough on their own with the modern hacker’s level of sophistication.

Attend simple security awareness training, and it fast becomes clear that there is a range of different things that you need to consider when it comes to securing your data.  Don’t have time to book training right now?

That’s fine, we’ve got a cybersecurity cheat sheet for you below. You’ll learn:

·         About the most expensive data breaches in history

·         About the biggest data breaches in modern times

·         Who the most wanted cybercriminals are

·         How cybercrime affects small to medium enterprises

·         The impact of cybercrime on businesses in general

·         Tips to keep your data safe

·         How individuals are affected by cybercrime

·         The truth about some of the most enduring cybersecurity myths

·         How governments are trying to combat the issue

The information has been compiled after careful research. It paints a pretty bleak picture of a world where crime certainly seems to pay. Thankfully, there’s a lot that you can do to fight back. This infographic will help you to ensure that you are optimally protected.

In the fight against cybercriminals, a good defense is your only tactic. You could install an antivirus program, sit back, and hope for the best. Or you could take a more proactive stance and implement a range of security measures.

Overall, it is far better to have a range of defenses in place. That way, if one security measure does fail, you do have others in place to pick up the slack.

Many of us make the mistake of choosing convenience over solid security practices. This is a mistake that might end up costing us dearly. So, yes, having to put in the password, and then also a code sent through to your phone is annoying.

But how annoyed would you be if you lost all access to your data? Security should be held paramount while online.