5 of the Best Domestic Robots for Your Home

Automatic Gadgets That are a Boon for Busy People

You are already 50% less tired when you come back from work to a neat and tidy house. Cleaning before and after a busy day can be a put off for most of us.

A few years ago, robots were only a possibility in movies. However, over the last few years, technology has dramatically evolved. Today, domestic robots are not only personal assistants, but they are playing the role of companionship. Some of the best domestic robots you will see in homes include:

Polaris p955 pool cleaner

Robotic pool cleaners have become part of every home cleaning these days. Although they are highly effective, different cleaners bring different possibilities. Polaris p955 is a top of the line domestic robot that brings the latest technology, efficiency, and convenience to your pool cleaning. The robotic cleaner features various technologies that include dirty canister indicator, motion-sensing handheld remote, and an easy lift system for best-in-class cleaning performance. The Polaris p955 pool cleaner comes with 4-wheel drive to tackle any pool terrain and climb steps and walls. It also comes with a solid-blade scrubbing brush to scribe tile line, a 7-day programmable timer, and a simple user setting.


Taking care of an old person can be challenging, especially when the caretaker has to juggle between work and care of the elderly. Thankfully, technology has stepped in to make things easier. ElliQ is an amazing domestic robot designed to help older adults stay sharp, connected, and engaged. Through AI, ElliQ makes it easy and fun for the elderly to interact with the world. It is designed to help family members easily interact with each other irrespective of where they live. They also design the robot to give you personalized suggestions of activities that you can do to keep you sharp, active, and engaged. The suggestions keep improving as the robot understands you better. ElliQ is also designed to respond to your gaze, voice, and touch.


For domestic personal help, Olly is one of the best technologies in the market. It is not only designed to assist you, but it is designed to express itself in the best way it can.   Olly features the latest technology that allows it to learn and adapt to people at your home and express itself through color, sound, and movement. Olly is unique as it interacts with people in the same way a person might. The robot not only hears, but it also sees, so, Olly will not respond to commands, but it can proactively start a conversation. The robot can also understand the scene, facial expressions, and even what you are doing to learn what is behind it.


Are you one of those people who wish to command a can of cake to come to you as you sleep on your sofa? Well, with Aelous, that has now become a reality. Although you will not be commanding the can of coke to come, you will only give instructions to the robot to assist you in whatever you need. The robot is designed to make things easier by doing chores as you relax or even sleep. The unit comes with 2D and 3D camera sensors to help it figure out the obstacles in the room and map what it needs to do. The robot can assist you in your domestic chores such as sweeping, vacuuming, tidying up, and mopping among others.


Living on your own can be boring at times, but that will now be a thing of the past, thanks to Buddy. Buddy is an open-source robot that is not only designed to be your domestic assistant but also your companion. Powered by Android software and Unity 3D, the robot can recognize you, patrol your home with a big smile and even remind you of things you have to do. Besides being a companion, the buddy can be your security robot. With an array of sensors and autonomous maneuverability, Buddy can detect burglars and fire as well play hide and seek with your children.  


Whether you are looking for an assistant to remind you when you should take pills and medicines or a robot to keep your home and loved ones secure, you only need to buy the best domestic robot for your needs.