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Microsoft role-based certifications - Azure

The new role-based Microsoft Certifications are making a buzz all over the world since their launch. It was announced in 2018 at Ignite. Microsoft is always admired for its ability to provide the job market with the most tech-savvy specialists. For that, it makes every effort to link the knowledge and practical skills that will help candidates complete their tasks at the workplace successfully, as well as meet the requirements of the IT job market.

So, recently, Microsoft has evolved and updated its certification exams. The new role-based certifications have been designed with these new roles in mind. Let us take a closer look at the basic focus and the approach included in these role-based Microsoft credentials.

What is the Focus of the New Microsoft Role-based Certifications?

The chief focus in these certifications includes the building and enhancement of skills as well as the knowledge that is required for a particular job profile. One major change that can be noticed between the newly launched role-based Microsoft certifications and the previous ones is that earlier there was more concentration on technology. But now, there is more focus on the technology and skills to use it according to the position you are applying for. Once the need for skill enhancement in conjunction with technology use for precise job types was recognized by Microsoft, the company began the implementation of the idea to launch the new role-based credentials.

What is the Basic Approach Behind the New Microsoft Role-Based Certifications?

The new approach in these certifications is based majorly on skills. Earlier it was the knowledge of products. Microsoft Corporation clearly understood that there was some sort of disconnect between what people were learning for certifications and the actual knowledge and skills that were required for various job types. In simple words, the responsibilities of cloud engineers and architects are different, and so are the skills. That’s why they should have different career paths as well as training. The new role-based Microsoft credentials are now preparing candidates in a well-thought-out manner for a brighter career with better job opportunities. Now, whatever the candidates will learn from these new certifications will be of direct and significant use for specific job roles.

Classification of the Newly Launched Microsoft Role-based Certifications

Microsoft has chiefly launched the new role-based certifications in Azure, Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Dynamics 365. We will be discussing the new Azure role-based certifications in this article.

Azure Role-based Certifications

The Azure role-based certifications have been given the highest value in these new role-based certifications as the Azure technology, as well as cloud services/solutions, has seen significant growth in the last couple of years. Most companies prefer to store and transfer data using cloud technology, and most business and financial operations are conducted here as well. It makes life easier.

Microsoft offers the new role-based Microsoft certifications that can broadly be divided into three categories: fundamental, associate and expert. The main Azure certifications are at associate and expert levels. Though, to be confident in your skills, you can take the optional exam – AZ-900 at the fundamental level.

The Azure credentials at the associate level include Azure Security Engineer, Azure Administrator, Azure AI Engineer, Azure Data Engineer, Azure Data Scientist, and Azure Developer. At the expert level, there are only two Azure certifications, which are Azure DevOps Engineer and Azure Solutions Architect.

Below, you will find some of the important role-based Azure certifications and their relevant exams are:

  • Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate – AZ-103 exam (Microsoft Azure Integration and Security) or transition exam AZ-102. The last one has been designed for those who have already passed the retired Microsoft 70-533 test.
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate – AZ-203 exam (Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert – AZ-300 exam (Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies) and AZ-301 exam (Microsoft Azure Architect Design). If you’ve already passed the retired 70-535 exam, you need to pass the transition AZ-302 test.

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The new role-based Microsoft Certifications are of great value as they do not only ensure a bright future but also prepare the candidates in a perfect manner for particular job roles in the IT industry. If you want to earn any of these certifications, you should take help of an authentic and efficient study platform like ExamSnap. Good luck with your efforts!