The Advantages of Using Cannabis Tinctures

There are several ways to consume your favorite cannabis. Some people use vaporizers, some eat cannabis-infused foods (Brownie anyone?), and some others use dab rigs. But there are other people that like to use tinctures.

A cannabis tincture is simply a means of a product for using cannabis via alcohol extraction. A full dose of this Tincture can be just a teaspoon or two or even a few drops. Why? This kind of product contains concentrated doses of the needed cannabinoids. Many people make their own tinctures, as it is not very difficult to make. The best alcohol to use is the pure one. Everclear can be an option as it has a 95% concentration level. Usually, doctors recommend marijuana tinctures for insomnia, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety disorders, muscular spasms, and several other health conditions.

Most people who use cannabis tinctures say that it is a simple and enjoyable way to take your medicine. There have only been a few reports of side effects like headaches and dizziness.

There are some differences compared to smoking. One of those is that you don’t need the social interaction that you have when you share a smoke. When you use cannabis tinctures, the experience is more private.

Another advantage is that tinctures are easy to take: Tinctures are easy to carry and do not come with the inconveniences of smoking joints. You just swallow a few drops and that’s all.

Moreover, tinctures have no significant smell at all. You can carry them everywhere. You don’t need to worry about the authorities and you don’t need to hide anywhere to use them.

Tinctures are cheap. Anyone with a medical marijuana card can get these marijuana tinctures at dispensaries. They come in bottles in various strains and different flavors. Additionally, cannabis tinctures have a longer shelf life with maximum potency

Cannabis tinctures are basically marijuana in extracted concentrations. The alcohol used absorbs cannabinoids. You will get high quickly when you use an eyedropper to apply them under your tongue.

The effects of using cannabis tincture can last long. They take effect in as little as 15 minutes, and the level and length of the high depend on the strain that was used to make this particular extract.

Tinctures can also be used in food recipes as a substitute for liquids. You could fill a vial or eyedropper with the mixture.

In any case, you must remember that tinctures can be very potent, so it is recommended that you start with a few drops and wait for a half hour before you take more, if at all.