AppValley v2.0 Download on iOS and Stop Missing your Cydia on iPhone/iPad

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Download AppValley 2.0 on iOS Devices

The Apple app store is so full of apps and games for iOS devices. However, there are relatively very few free apps on it. If you wish to overcome this limitation, all you need is AppValley 2.0. It is an alternative app installer for iOS that gives you paid, premium apps, tweaked and modded apps for free. AppValley 2.0 for iOS has the largest database of apps and games for you to get everything you are looking for.

AppValley for iOS is also safe and does not require a jailbreak. This means that you can get any third-party app without causing any damage to your iDevice. Now, you can even get the PC games that you wished to have on your iOS – for free.

The developers of AppValley 2.0 have taken great efforts to include a lot of apps. Also, they have created a safe platform to get modded apps. With this, you can incorporate more features and functions on your iOS devices. In this article, we will discuss more features of the app store. You can also find a simple method to download and install AppValley 2.0 on iOS without jailbreak.

Features of AppValley 2.0 on iOS

AppValley 2.0 lets you deal with all the restrictions you face while using iOS devices. It gives you a great number of apps without breaking the security policies. Have a look at some of the features of AppValley.

  1. There is an enormous database consisting of the best apps from different systems for your iOS.
  2. All the apps and games can be downloaded for free.
  3. There are mods, tweaked apps and games, emulators, etc in the app.
  4. It has a simple and efficient user interface.
  5. They offer complete customization of your iOS device.
  6. You do not have to jailbreak your iDevice to get the app store.
  7. The performance of the app store is great and offers faster download speed.

AppValley 2.0 is by far the best third-party app store for iOS. Whether it is based on the database or safety, AppValley tops the list and will remain the same always.

How to Download AppValley 2.0 on iOS devices without Jailbreak

AppValley 2.0 is all you need on your iOS devices in order to get all the apps you desire for free. Here, we have provided you with an easy way to download and install AppValley 2.0 on iOS without jailbreak. Do check it out.

  1. Initially, you have to navigate to the given link from iOS using the Safari Browser: AppValley iOS.
  2. Now, you will get the official page of AppValley. You will find an Install option on the home page which you need to click.
  3. The installation of AppValley may take some time. Once it is downloaded, you have to make a few changes in the Settings.
  4. For this, you have to move to Settings. Scroll down and look for the Profile & Device Management option. Open it.
  5. You will find the AppValley profile here. You need to turn on the Trust option for AppValley 2.0.

That’s it. You have AppValley 2.0 installed on your iOS. There is a great database of apps and games waiting to be explored. Do try all the third-party apps.


  • Can AppValley be installed on Android?

Right now, AppValley is only available for iOS devices. It will most likely not release AppValley for Android.

  • What is AppValley ??

AppValley is an app installer that gives you all the third-party apps that are not available on the official app store for iOS. You can install them without jailbreak using this medium.

  • Is AppValley safe for iOS?

Yes, AppValley 2.0 is the safest source for third-party apps and games. There are no errors in the app and also does not require a jailbreak to get the apps.

  • What if AppValley gets revoked?

It is very unlikely for AppValley to get revoked. It has a safe user interface. If it does, please delete AppValley and install it again.

  • Do the apps get crashed on downloading from AppValley?

Not at all! AppValley is a safe app store to get tweaked apps. Also, the app is tested to be completely free of any errors and bugs. So, the apps will never get crashed.

Why is AppValley the best?

AppValley is a wonderful app installer has got quite a lot in store for you. You can enjoy hundreds of modded apps, games from different game consoles, etc. It will totally change the looks and features of your iOS devices.

Conclusion – AppValley 2.0 on iOS 

AppValley 2.0 is the latest version of the amazing app installer that is free of bugs. It provides you with a tremendous app library to explore. All the apps can be safely downloaded on iOS. You can customize your iOS devices by installing suitable apps. You can also get a great bunch of games for free.