Download Happy Chick Emulator with iOSEmus App Installer on iOS

Real happiness existed in our childhood. We often get nostalgic thinking about those days. The best part about our childhood was playing games on television, Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy Advanced, and Portable Play Station. While we definitely need a time machine if we wish to go back to our childhood era, we don’t need that to enjoy old-school games like Super Mario, Dragon Ball Z, and Contra, etc.

If you own an iPhone/iPad, you can play the old-school games on them using an emulator. Speaking of gaming emulators, you cannot install a different emulator for different gaming environments. In this post, we are going to tell you about a single, comprehensive emulator that supports more than 18 gaming environments. Going by the name of ‘Happy Chick Emulator,’ you can install the same on iPhone/iPad via iOSEmus App Installer.

What is Happy Chick Emulator?

The Happy Chick Emulator allows you to play old-school games from more than 18 gaming environments including FAB/MAME/MAME PLUS, PS, PSP, FC (NES), SFC (SNEC), GBA, GBC, MD, and NDS, etc on your iPhone/iPad. Apart from this, Happy Chick Emulator provides a ton of other advantages as well. Please go through the following benefits of this amazing emulator.

Is Jailbreak Necessary for installing Happy Chick Emulator?

This could be the primary question regarding Happy Chick Emulator. Well! The good news is that you don’t require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad for installing Happy Chick Emulator. Hence, you can enjoy your favorite childhood game without voiding your device’s warranty and without putting your device in other risks associated with jailbreaking.

Well! We think you are ready to install the emulator now. Please note that you require taking the help of iOSEmus App Installer to download Happy Chick on your iPhone/iPad. Following are the steps that you require the following.

How to Install Happy Chick Emulator on iOS

Step 1: Your first step is to install iOSEmus on your iOS device. Please tap here iOSEmus to read the steps for the same. Do not forget to trust the profile of iOSEmus after successful installation.

Step 2: Once you have installed iOSEmus, launch the same, and conduct a search for Happy Chick Emulator.

Step 3: The emulator will come up as one of the top search results. Tap on the search result to go to the application information screen. Here you can read more about the emulator.

Step 4: Tap on ‘Install’ and thereafter tap on ‘Install’ once again on the alert that follows stating that iOSEmus will like to install Happy Chick Emulator on your iPhone/iPad.

Step 5: This will initiate the installation process. You can view the progress on your device’s home screen. As the installation finishes, please navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles and trust the profile of the emulator.

Step 6: Launch Happy Chick Emulator and start playing your favorite childhood games. or You can try this Happy Chick Emulator from Topstore VIP store which works the same as like Emus4u Apps Store.

What are the advantages of Happy Chick Emulator?

Apart from supporting more than 18 gaming environments, the following are some more advantages of installing the Happy Chick Emulator.

Online Multiplayer Mode

On Happy Chick, you can share your gaming moments with your friends. The emulator supports online multiplayer mode for PSP and other popular arcade games thereby enabling you to play some of your favorite games online with your friends.

Cloud Saving

Cloud Saving allows you to save your gaming progress directly to the cloud. Hence, in the future, if you happen to change your device, you can synchronize the cloud save with the new device. Moreover, you can also synchronize your cloud save with multiple devices enabling you to play the game on more than one device.

Good Feedback

As of now, there are very few reports of bugs or performance Issues with the emulator.

Free to Use

Happy Chick Emulator is free to use and doesn’t contain any kind of hidden or in-app charges.

Aren’t these benefits amazing? What are you thinking about now? Are you thinking that Happy Chick Emulator might require a jailbroken iPhone to run?

Do we need to download ROMs to play on Happy Chick?

Happy Chick Emulator itself comes with a collection of over 5000 classic games. Almost, all your favorite childhood games are present in the emulator itself. Hence, there is no need to put additional efforts for downloading a ROM.

So, here we are at the end of this post. We hope this post answers all your queries regarding the emulator. In case you have additional questions, you can always reach out to us via the comments section provided below.