How Hosting a Conference Call Can Add a Level of Professionalism to Your Growing Business

Presentation in a conference room

It’s important for your business to operate as smoothly as possible. It can be hard to try and contact employees about projects and wait for them to email you back. Having a conference call service can allow you to make calls from anywhere with many different features to suit your every need.

This can have a positive impact on your business by allowing you to have better communication within your business with employees or clients.

1. Having a Set Schedule

It’s no secret that having a set schedule in your day can allow for better communication. Your business flows better if there is a set schedule in which you don’t have to change from day to day.

If a client knows that you have a set time in which they can reach you, that gives them a sense of security knowing that they can reach you at that time. Customers enjoy knowing that they can reach you when they need to.

Having a set schedule can also help you be more productive with your time. If you know a client is going to call you in three hours, then you should try your best to get as much work you can get completed in those three hours.

This can also make you more disciplined with your habits while at work, along with prioritizing your time. Also, knowing when a client is planning on calling you can help you structure your day to be able to make the call. A client will be impressed with your punctuality if you make it a priority.

 2. Allowing For a Steady Flow of Information

While emailing a client or your employees is easy and convenient, it can take hours or days for the other party to respond. With a conference call, you get the information you need right then and there.

You can ask questions in real time and get the answers you need without waiting. It also allows for everyone to be on track, so there is less confusion and problems that could occur. With your business expanding, it can be hard to have employees on the same track to the goals that you would like to achieve.

Weekly emails about the company can be misread, or not even read at all. This can be detrimental when there is important information that needs to be discussed quickly.

 Also, if an employee is having trouble and needs a problem solved, they can also call more than one department within a conference call to try and get the issue resolved.

3. Establishes More Personal Relationships

Since you are talking with a real person during a conference call, it allows the call to feel more personal. When you’re emailing a customer, it often feels disconnected. With conference calls, you get to talk to that person in real time, allowing the call to have a more personal touch.

There are also times where you can video chat with the person. Seeing the person’s face that you are talking to deepens the personal connection, allowing you to put a face with a name. It can also be a great opportunity to remember personal things about the customer, so the next time you two call or video chat, there will be a more personal connection.

This can be great for your business because it gives it a more personal feel. A customer will likely not remember who they sent an email to, but they will remember the great call they had with you over the phone.

Furthermore, this can be a great opportunity to improve your customer service skills. Talking with your customers and understanding their needs and wants will you give better insight into what needs to be improved within your business.

4. More Professional

Knowing how to interact with your customers over the phone is a valuable skill that any business owner needs to acquire. By having your own conference call hosting service, it allows you to do just that.

Conference calls allow you to have a more streamlined business, allowing everyone in the company to be on track with the same goals. You can direct what needs to be done in your business in an instant.

By having more conference calls, you can get more comfortable with having them, and steering the call in the direction that they need to go.

Before the conference call, you can have an agenda you want to talk about, or have a list of notes that need to be addressed. Another great way to use conference calls is for business meetings, introducing new clients, and pitching new sales.

5. Saves Money

With your growing business, you may have employees that are stationed across the country or even the world. Sometimes they may have to meet up with other employees to share information.

This can take up extra money with hotel stays, gas and mileage, and even airfare costs. By having a conference call service, it eliminates the need for extra spending. Employees can instead call each other and share their information, rather than traveling to one another to exchange it.

This can also give you an opportunity to collaborate with companies that are overseas. Instead of writing lengthy emails back and forth, you can get real-time information that you need.


Having a conference call hosting service has many benefits to one’s business, such as improved productivity and establishing a more personal relationship with clients and employees. It allows information to get to other parties in a more timely manner and allows for a clearer explanation of information.

It can be frustrating to try and explain a detailed project in an email and have an employee misinterpret the information. It is vital for any business to have a smooth way of communicating with employees and customers, and having a conference call service at your disposal provides the necessary platform to achieve that goal.