How to Use Call Tracking in Your Marketing

call tracking for marketing campaigns

Call tracking is a vital component of your marketing campaigns. It provides you with valuable information or data that you can use to tailor your different marketing campaigns based on the response you get from the different marketing channels. Avidtrak call tracking software can assist you to track calls emanating from both online and offline marketing mediums. It will further assist you to analyze data to understand the behavior of your targeted clients. This data shows you which ad campaigns are more effective and others and which need some improvement. Here is how to use call tracking in your marketing.

Record Conversations

You can record all incoming calls from different mediums. These calls can be from the unique numbers you place on different ad campaigns. You can then listen to these conversations to understand the needs of your clients. Note customer’s complaints and requirements to improve your products or services and increase your sales as a result.

Improve Customer Relations

Listening to your clients first hand enables you to determine the effectiveness of your customer service. Customer service is extremely valuable in any business. The better your potential customers are treated, the higher the chances of converting them to loyal clients. You will also be in a good position to identify areas in your customer service that needs improvement as well as identify callers that need more attention to turn them into clients.

Getting Critical Insights

With a good tracking system, you can gather rich information of your market segment. You can link particular calls to specific channels, locations and ad copies allowing you to stop unprofitable campaigns and add put more effort on those bringing in more calls and thus more potential clients. If you want to know how a particular marketing campaign like a billboard is doing, you assign it a special number and measure the number of calls that come in, check the location of calls and the duration of the calls.

Using Unique Tracking Numbers

You can use unique trackable numbers for both online and offline advertising campaigns. You can have as many numbers as possible for the different channels. Place these numbers on your TV ads, billboards, business cards and radio ads. You can further get more numbers for specific messages within the various media. Record the calls that come in from each to determine which one is best performing and which needs some improvement.

Dynamic Number Insertion

This method works well with your online ads. There are paid ads and organic searches as well as from social media pages. You can tell which calls come from organic searches and which emanate from paid ads. You can also tell those that come from clicks on your blog pages. Such information gives you insight on which keywords are bringing in the most traffic and helps you in optimization and as a result online search ranking.

Determine Return on Investment

Tracking calls allows you to determine the exact number of calls from various channels and the sales generated from them. You can then calculate the ROI of each channel and determine which of those you use requires to be dropped or improved.