Mobile Phone vs. Real-Life Backgammon — Which Option Is Better?

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The world has been divided into two groups: internet lovers and “real-life” lovers. The first group prefers being online, chatting with their friends, playing online games, and more. The other group still likes to do everything the old way, meeting face to face.

Backgammon is one of those games that requires a social factor. People who enjoy playing the popular table game also love chatting over various topics while they test each others’ skills and luck.

With the introduction of mobile phones, everything became even more spontaneous in the digital world. Moreover, it allowed backgammon lovers to get together and be online at the same time. In other words, mobile phones enabled us to play the game on the web and still talk to our friends face to face.

Yet, some things are still very different when mobile phones and real-life are compared. Some online games are fun to play with other people, such as the ones mentioned in this article, but they do not have their real-life counterparts. This is actually the primary advantage of mobile phones and the Internet in general — the offer is much better in terms of multiplayer games.

Is that applicable to backgammon? Let’s take a look at the advantages that mobile backgammon has over the real-life one and vice versa.

Mobile Backgammon Advantages

First of all, mobile backgammon allows for better customization of our gaming environment. In other words, we can change the color of our board and figures, and other things that apps such as backgammon by come2play offer.

In fact, Backgammon Live allows us to play the game with anyone in the world. All we have to do is download a dedicated app via the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for Apple devices, and we’ll be good to go. The app will automatically connect to our Facebook account, and we will have an opportunity to play the game either with our friends or with strangers.

This leads us to yet another primary advantage — the selection of opponents. When we play real-life (or land-based as some people call it) backgammon, we don’t have a huge choice of opponents, especially if we play against our friends. On the other hand, Backgammon Live has an outstanding algorithm that matches us with other players who have similar backgammon skills. These are all other Facebook users who installed the app and enjoy playing backgammon.

Finally, Backgammon Live lets us progress through levels and measure our backgammon progress in a very vivid and vibrant way. There are dozens of other things players can do from within the app that are related to this board game.

Real-Life Backgammon Advantages

If you play backgammon with real chips and a real board, you will have an opportunity to actually physically feel the game under your fingertips, which is something that many table- and board-game lovers enjoy. It is a type of feeling that is nice to experience from time to time, especially if you play backgammon.

The second major advantage is that we can play as much backgammon as we want without worrying about our battery. When playing on mobile devices with no source of electricity nearby, we are often limited to playing the game as long as we have battery power. As soon as the battery is drained, we must recharge our phones to continue.


What are video games? Nowadays, we cannot really draw the line between board games, casino games, card games, and real video games. They are all slowly blending into each other, as suggested in this article.

Backgammon is no exception to this rule. If you decide to play the popular table game on the web, you will enter the magical world of video games, and Backgammon Live is a great example of such a transition. It offers not only backgammon but also various other leveling systems, rewards, and more.

In other words, backgammon has undergone a process of gamification, and it is something that many online players welcomed with arms wide open, especially those who love playing PC and console games.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that mobile backgammon currently has an advantage over its real-life counterpart, as it offers great features and a certain level of flexibility that enable us to play the game with anyone in the world.