5 Best Free Travel Apps for Traveling Around the UK

travel to UK

Now that you have earned your holiday and you are planning a visit to the UK, you need to ensure that you have these five important apps on your phone. 

Traveling around the UK for holiday is an experience worth having because the region has many locations that are iconic and have a high historical value. Whether you choose to start your UK tour from England, Scotland or Ireland, one thing is certain – you cannot see it all in one lifetime. That is why you need to have these essential apps to help you prioritize your activities so that you can get the most out of your holiday.


Yes, this app is a lifesaver! This app covers up to 30 cities from London to Tokyo, and it offers a better guide than Google maps, thanks to its use of data and routes. This makes it an indispensable companion for anyone traveling to the UK. The app will not only show you how to get from point A to B, but it will also show the cheapest fares and fastest routes whether you’re moving by bus, tube, taxi or walking. The app is free on both Android and iOS devices.


There is a huge chance that you have already checked your hotel bookings and reservations through travel websites, but Airbnb offers a better experience in addition to booking a place to stay while in the UK. You can get additional activities like cooking classes, kayaking, and walking tours, and a host of other wonderful activities.


Several apps offer listings of places to visit and things to do while on holiday such as TripAdvisor. But if you are looking for a unique experience and hidden gems that are somewhat off the beaten path, then Yelp is a great choice of an app. You might want to see other places besides the popular tourist sites like Big Ben or St Paul’s Cathedral. If you want to find unique restaurants and bars, and unique activities like crazy golfing at Plonk Golf, then you can’t go wrong with Yelp.

UK Bus Checker

With this app, you can travel from one point to the other with ease. UK Bus Checker lets you make smart plans with its detailed route maps and live transit times across the UK. The app lets you locate the nearest bus stop and routes whether you are commuting via Bus, ferry, and tube.

TripAdvisor Offline City Guides

Tripadvisor’s offline city guide is one of the best and most reliable city guides out there. If you need comprehensive information and guidance while in the UK, this offline app is fantastic and reliable. The app’s best feature is that it works offline, so that means you can save your battery to do other things like taking selfies and communicating with family and friends and you won’t have to worry about being stranded if somehow your internet is not working. You can select different places to go like restaurants, bars, clubs, and tourist attractions. If you are looking for events and festivals happening in the UK, this is the app for you.