Top 10 Educational Apps for Self-Improvement


Traditional education serves a high purpose – to prepare young people to lead the world. However, no matter how much education has advanced in the past decades, it’s still not enough. As an individual who aspires to learn something and become something, it’s your job to further educate yourself. Self-improvement starts and ends with you. 

Thankfully, there are now many ways to make this simpler and more accessible. Technology has made self-improvement easier. In this article, you won’t just learn about apps that help you with your writing or your math skills. You’ll learn about the top 10 self improvement apps everyone should be downloading.

  • #1 – Day One Journal

To improve yourself, you first need to establish where you stand. Your task is to learn what you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve gotten. Moreover, writing in a journal is known to be therapeutic

If you don’t like the traditional journal version, you’ll definitely like the modern version – an app where you can write right there from your phone. You can access it at all times, use it to improve yourself and let the steam out. It’s one of the best self improvement apps you can download. 

  • #2 – Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular apps for learning languages. The cognitive benefits of learning another language are unmistakable and quite numerous, making this one of the best tools for self-improvement.

This app is free to use. You can access their language lessons and learn English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, or Italian. Every lesson takes up to 10 minutes, which is easy to fit in your schedule. 

  • #3 – Workout Trainer

Self-improvement doesn’t only depend on how much you study or what you learn. To be able to improve yourself, you must first start with your well-being. This means that you have to do regular exercise to keep yourself healthy and energized. An app like Workout Trainer will help you with this. 

  • #4 – Calm

In those days where you simply can’t take anymore, you need self motivation apps like Calm to get rid of the stress. Whenever I felt too anxious, I used to pay someone to do my essay about immigration to the US, turn on the Calm app, and find some time to feel more peaceful. It has meditation sessions on everything from stress and anxiety to gratitude and forgiveness. 

  • # 5 – YOGAmazing

Yoga is perfect for calming your body and finding a sense of accomplishment. If you don’t have the time to go to a studio to do yoga, this app is the solution to all your problems. It has over 50 sessions that give you the balance and flexibility you need. The sessions are only 25 minutes long.

  • #6 – ToDon’t

The name is confusing, but when you think about is – it’s perfect for this app. This is the app you need when you’re procrastinating too much. It will keep you from missing deadlines, staying late at night, or using too much social media.

  • #7 – Shleep

Sleeping is one of the most important things for your health and well-being. Shleep is an app that helps you fall asleep, feel more rested, and maintain a healthy sleep routine. It gives you lessons for sleeping which, when you go through, you’ll realize are much needed. 

  • #8 – Lumosity

Lumosity is an app that tackles your brain. It’s a workout for your brain, an app filled with games that promote critical thinking and test the mental acuity. You can use the free version or opt for the cheap, paid option. 

If you’re feeling like you’ve lost focus and you want to engage your brain in interesting, fun activities, this is the app to do so. On the app, you’ll find plenty of choices for games that promote critical thinking, fast action, and mindful calculations.

  • #9 – Aloe Bud

If you’re having trouble maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you need Aloe Bud. It will become your caregiver, sending you small nudges to remind you to eat, socialize, drink water, and take a break. 

The name of the app suggests that this is a hydration app, but it’s much more than that. Aloe Bud is your everyday guide to a better lifestyle. All you have to do is set your lifestyle goals, fill in the app’s fields, and let it remind you to live a healthier life. 

  • #10 – Lift

Lift is similar to Aloe Bud, but equally important. It helps you create routines and healthy habits, cross things off your to-do list, and track your progress. There are phone and web versions you can use, making this app as accessible as an app can be.


Are you ready to change your life for the better? Self-improvement relies greatly on how and when you act. If you work hard to improve yourself, you can turn your life upside down – quite literally. Thankfully, it takes small steps to improve oneself. Start with these ten, but don’t be afraid to add new ones to the list, too.

Author’s Bio: Robert Everett is a nutritionist and lifestyle advisor. He helps people get rid of unhealthy habits, change their nutrition, find the right exercise program, and achieve their goals. If you want to get some inspiration from him, follow him on his Twitter page.