How to Optimize (SEO) your Website

SEO positioning has to be the main element of your website. Good positioning will help you generate a higher amount of quality traffic. And, with this, your sales and the commercial options you have available will grow. That is why it is important to do in-depth work that places your entries among the top search engine result pages, or SERPs. And we want to explain here how to get that. Let’s begin with some groundwork that you must do to optimize and improve the SEO positioning of your website.

Content Audit

It consists of analyzing the map of the keywords for your sector. You can find different tools (even Google gives you some of them) that will allow you to calculate the search volume of the phrases you’re trying to position.

The advantage is that you can also find new, more appropriate suggestions. Therefore, it is not just a matter of selecting a few sentences and looking for your average search volumes: to be more specific, it is to perform an analysis of your sector in search engines. And, from there, choose what words to place in your content and what strategy you should follow. You can also hire the best experts, for which you might consider Eventige eCommerce SEO, which is one of a handful of agencies that offer you the most effective online ideas and techniques to boost your Internet business. Click here for more details and contact information.


Once the main keyword strategy has been chosen, the most important thing is measuring results after the investigation. Look at it this way: although the search volume might be large, the competition might be so fierce that those visits do not reach your page. In such cases, the safest option, generally, is to go to another keyword group. That is, start the previous process again.

That is why it is so important to analyze everything that happens because it cannot be that all your efforts are not giving results. The progress in positioning might be slow. In fact, it is probably one of the digital marketing strategies with the lowest forward speed. But this does not prevent you from monitoring and following the results you are achieving. Everything happens when you see the statistics and check which contents increase your visits and which do not – and proactively correct the latter while maximizing the former.

Rate the Performance

Keywords comprising a single word have very broad traffic, while those containing longtail phrases, usually, are much weaker in terms of getting volume traffic. The difference is that longtail keywords usually offer more traffic to medium-sized websites: that is, those that do not work as large portals with millions of visits per month. More to the point, longtail keywords tend to have much less competition. Therefore, it is easier to position them with quick results.

You will have to think about what can work best for your page. Both models can coexist, as long as you know how to use them effectively.

Other Tips

Let’s look at a few other positive practices and something more concrete.

Update your Content

Try to have everything you publish reviewed after 4 or 5 months and make some small modifications. Google values ​​very positively that the pages offer updated information, so this tactic will improve the yield of your SEO efforts.

Focus on the Local

One of the best strategies to optimize SEO positioning is to direct your website locally. Google is going to help you boost your content in your own area of ​​action. Therefore, making your keywords directly related to a geographical area will help you a lot in optimizing SEO.

Long Items

Although not all your posts have to exceed a thousand words, it is highly recommended that many of them do. Obviously, you have to try to produce authentic content that is not simply ‘filling.’ And remember that bad content is always penalized no matter how long it is.

In conclusion, SEO is something you should work on from different fronts and perspectives. If you want the best results, hire an agency specialized in SEO to manage the positioning of your website.

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