Finding the right partners for your taping and packaging needs

custom taping and packaging

Product packaging is an essential facet of any B2C company. If you’re looking to outsource your taping and packaging functionality, you ought to select a company with enough experience and expertise in this field. Apart from protecting your products from dampness, damage and pest invasion, proper packaging helps in product identification and promotion.

Choosing the right taping and packaging partner shouldn’t be a hard nut to crack. Elite tape provides remarkable taping solutions for a wide range of customers. Check out their PTFE and UHMW tape category to get a variety of top-range packaging tape.

Here are 7 unique tips to finding the right partners for your taping and packaging needs:

  • Get quality packaging materials

Before choosing a packaging partner, inspect the type of wrapping materials that they use. A wise idea would be to inquire about where they source their materials. Unfortunately, some firms use low-quality tapes and products that come from unscrupulous suppliers. Tape, corrugated boxes and other packaging materials have varying standards of quality. To avoid getting ripped off, ensure that your preferred packaging firm gets materials from revered manufacturers and engages in eco-friendly initiatives as well.

  • Ask for customized packaging options

Every B2B taping and packaging firm ought to treat its clients uniquely, providing them with bespoke packaging options. As your business grows, so does its packaging demands. Although you might not require tailored packaging right now, this service might come in handy later on as you continue to build your business and your brand. Choosing an experienced packaging firm that is willing to provide you with personalized options is crucial. Although custom taping and packing solutions might seem like an unnecessary bonus, they define your business and provide an edge over your competitors. If the packaging company you’re currently liaising with can’t be flexible enough to offer bespoke packaging options for your brand, find one that can.

  • Hire a highly talented and experienced team

Steve Jobs once said that “packaging can be a theater, it can create a story.” Proper packaging of materials certainly complements what’s inside. Naturally, most individuals are attracted by the aesthetic look of gifts and presents. A good packaging company should be endowed with an experienced team of highly talented graphic designers and product engineers. Whether you are interested in industrial packaging or retail product packaging, hire a team with the right blend of experience, expertise, and passion for the industry.

  • Consider your packaging budget

Searching for the right taping and branding partner can be quite hectic sometimes. However, you can start by creating a flexible budget to help narrow down the list. If you’re unsure of what to expect, conduct brief online research and list down all packaging companies with the most outstanding customer reviews. Next, contact each firm and request a preliminary pricing structure that’s based on your specific needs. Once you get quotes from different packaging service providers, examine your financial situation and select the firms that charge favorable prices. However, try not to overburden yourself.

  • Exquisite customer service experience

The manner in which your preferred taping and packaging partner handles refunds and irregular shipments says a lot about their customer service. It’s important to hire a firm with a skilled and responsive customer service team. Studying online customer reviews can help you understand how different packaging companies handle client issues. Good customer service should involve commitment, responsiveness and fostering exquisite relationships with clients. The issues you raise should be handled with zeal and haste.

  • Reflect on your storage space

Another important factor to consider when choosing the ideal taping and packaging partner is your warehouse space.  Although having a significantly large warehouse is a huge plus, your packaging operation shouldn’t be deterred by limited space. Some packaging firms prefer teaming up with bulk sellers while others fancy smaller set-ups. Therefore, select a packaging partner that fits perfectly into your business model. Client orders should be packaged properly and taped securely to avoid tampering. 

  • Guaranteed timely deliveries

Customer deliveries should be handled in a timely manner. Any delays in the packaging process could lead to late deliveries and consequently erode your brand’s reputation. A company that is able to meet its targets regardless of tight operational schedules can successfully build an enviable track record. Ensure that the packaging firm you choose can provide you with timely deliveries. All shipments should be tracked and tasks scheduled properly to improve efficiency. Suppliers should be contacted whenever the current batch of materials is almost depleted. This ensures that the required packaging stock is available 24/7.

Implement these tips when you’re looking for the right partners to handle your taping and packaging needs.