Why is the Cisco 300-420 Exam the Best Choice if You Want to Get a CCNP Certification?

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Becoming an expert in providing networking solutions requires proper training and commitment. This is because there is a number of complex issues you need to understand. Besides training, you also have to take and pass the exams to validate your mastery of necessary skills. That is why any IT professional who wants to obtain the CCNP certification should consider passing the Cisco 300-420 test. This exam enables you to earn the CCNP Enterprise certificate. It is also a requirement for Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Design. Let’s take a deeper look at this test. We will also help you understand why you need it if you want to become Cisco certified.

Cisco 300-420 Exam Overview

The Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (ENSLD) exam is one of those to be taken by the candidates from February 24, 2020. It leads to the CCNP Enterprise certification thatwill replace CCNP Wireless, CCNP R&S, and CCDP. If you earn any of these credentials by the time the test takes effect, Cisco will give you credits that count towards the new certificate. If you’ve met the requirements of any required exams for the current certifications, you will also receive credits towards it with regard to the new credential.

Cisco 300-420 ENSLD is one of the two tests required to earn the new CCNP certificate. It is a concentration exam selected from six others. It is supposed to be taken with the core Cisco 350-401 test before one qualifies for the certification. The 300-420 exam covers varied topic areas that the students must familiarize themselves with before taking it. These objectives are as follows:

  • Advanced addressing as well as routing solutions;
  • Advanced campus networks for enterprise;
  • WAN targeting enterprise networks;
  • Network-based services;
  • Automation.

The topics are designed in order to help you prepare for the exam that is expected to last for 90 minutes. Once you’ve mastered them, you will be ready to take your Cisco 300-420 and pass it.

Why Do You Need to Pass Cisco 300-420 Exam?

The exam is meant to help individuals become experts in specific professional areas. But what are the reasons to take it? Let’s explore them.

  • Passing the exam is now easier.

With guidance through various study materials, passing any Cisco exam has become easier. Nowadays, the Internet gives the candidate everything they need to find the best resources to use during their preparation. The study materials for the Cisco 300-420 certification test, such as guides, training courses, braindumps, practice tests, and more, are helpful in equipping one with the prep tools he or she needs. The learners don’t have to struggle to get information about this.

The training courses as ‘Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks’ are great for the 300-420 exam. As for mock tests, you can always find them on the Exam-Labs website. This is a well-known prep platform that has always proven to be reliable for those students who are looking for the ways of mastering the exam concepts and passing the test.

  • The development of networking skills becomes possible.

The intention of the Cisco 300-420 test is to help the applicants get trained on specific networking concepts. Through training and study, they will be able to master these skills easily. The skillset includes WAN, security services, network services, and SDA. The individuals will also learn how to provide solutions for enterprise networks.

  • The award of the Cisco certification with ease is a reality.

One of the best reasons to pass any exam is the fact that you will obtain a credential. The CCNP Enterprise certification that you will get after passing the Cisco 300-420 test will allow you to validate your networking enterprise skills to the world, including your employer. Earning the Cisco certificate is something you wouldn’t want to miss as a professional who is serious about his or her career.

  • Passing the exam demonstrates your hard work.

The Cisco 300-420 exam isn’t easy. It will take a lot of diligence, commitment, and hard work from your side. You have to go through thorough preparation to get ready for this certification test. By passing the exam, you will prove how hard working and diligent you are at what you do. It will show how you can commit yourself to any task. This aspect becomes an advantage when seeking a job.

  • The exam prepares you for real-world tasks.

Exam preparation isn’t effective unless it helps the candidates meet the required objectives. Validating the skills by passing the test will demonstrate your readiness for tasks in the actual world. As you study, you will master the needed concepts and skills. This gives you an advantage when performing your roles as an IT pro.

  • The certification gives the opportunity to become a dependable professional.

The Cisco 300-420 exam makes the individual dependable. Anytime they are called upon to provide networking solutions at work, they will be prepared for them. The best thing about this is that the candidates are capable of taking up their roles and effectively performing the required tasks. In fact, such specialists won’t have to be pushed around to work since they trust their own skills and understand the importance of being effective and dependable.

  • The certification is a sure way to get a well-paying job.

The jobs related to networking are easier to come by once you have passed the test and received the credential. The employers will be attracted to your skills as well as your ability to effectively perform the needed tasks. If you can prove how efficient you are with your work, they won’t hesitate to handsomely compensate your expertise.


IT professionals have every reason to go for the certifications that make them serve better in their positions at work. The Cisco 300-420 exam is the best test to show your commitment to your duties. By passing it, you show your readiness to take your career to another level. The employers are attracted by those specialists who are always on the lookout for ways to improve their skills and become better employees. By passing the exam today, you will become one of the most outstanding IT professionals. Get ready for new opportunities by taking Cisco 300-420!