How to Cut Costs with Any TV Package


The majority of cable and satellite dish operators will charge monthly fees for a limited selection of channels. Through the power of the Internet, it is now possible to see channels from halfway across the planet, as well as national content. No need to pay any monthly subscription fee at all. All you need is to pay a one-time fee for the software tuner that lets you select the programs you want to watch. Use your internet connection and save money every month.

The important points for picking an affordable cable TV bundle 

A few years ago, it was not too difficult to choose a TV bundle, since there were only a few available. With technological development, TV availability developed as well. Nowadays, there are so many TV bundles that it seems impossible to choose. 

It is important to always keep in mind: what do I need, what do I want, and what am I willing to pay? Keep this in mind when browsing the different offers and do not order the first available offer that suits you – there might be 10 others that suit you, too. The question is, which bundle suits you best. It is a common mistake to order the first suitable bundle, resulting in regret when realizing it was not the best option for you. So compare prices and bundles before choosing.

Cable suppliers offer different kinds of bundles with a standard number of channels, with extra music channels, extra sports, and so on. It is important to ask yourself how many channels you actually use on a day-to-day basis. What kind of channels do you use often and which do you rarely watch? Consider your answers when choosing a package; are you willing to pay for what you rarely use?

If you are not able to decide on which channels you want, it is safe to choose a common package that includes the regular channels. The channels most people watch like, Fox News, ESPN, HBO, MTV and CNN.  Are you a Spanish games and sports fan? Consider some additional sports channels. Do you often watch movies? Then you could consider adding a movie channel; in other words, choose a package containing one or more movie channels. Do you have kids or do you yourself like watching music videos? Consider a package containing one or several music channels.

Conclusion: choose a package with the best suitable channels for you. No use choosing a package with numerous channels you hardly ever watch. Why pay for something you do not use?

The standard TV bundles provided by the different cable companies are not all the same. Try comparing them against each other. Maybe there is one standard package available completely to your liking. Then there’s no need to get more additional channels because this would be the best solution. If you do want additional channels, compare the prices from different providers. Which company offers the standard package and the additional channels you want for the lowest price? Do not order the first package you see; compare them all and choose wisely. This way you get what you want and need for the best price!

Subscription fee

There usually is a fee required to access the standard package. You can save money by looking closely at your current fee and the package you have. Usually, providers have package deals that offer reduced rates if your subscription contains other services like broadband or fiber Internet or a landline. By using a package deal, costs can be reduced considerably.

Besides monthly fees, try saving some money by looking at the different providers. Often, there are promotions for new customers, sometimes even for existing customers. An offer could consist of: no activation costs, 2 months of free subscription, or reduced fees for 3 months. Sometimes, a discount is given just for ordering online.

Fee for additional channels

When subscribed to additional channels, a fee is required for the extra package. To cut down or lower these costs one should consider if the additional channels are needed and/or wanted. For example, if you have subscribed to ten additional channels and you watch only three regularly, you should consider ending the other seven channels. This way you save money every month.

Rent for equipment

Sometimes, additional equipment is needed to receive the channels, which can be rented for an additional fee. The costs for renting additional equipment can be avoided by buying the equipment outright. This is an investment once but will cut down costs every month. You could compare prices for the equipment and save some money on buying the equipment.

One-time costs

Activation and/or installation costs are sometimes required for your subscription to get activated or to get your cable installed. Installation costs can be avoided by doing it yourself. Usually, there is a manual explaining how to do it yourself, which you can use or ask a friend to help out with.

In case you use pay-per-view, for example, to rent a movie or order programs, costs will be added to your monthly subscription. These costs can be reduced by not ordering them or minimizing renting. Ever considered getting a recorder to record the programs you would miss otherwise and playing them back later? You should compare prices for a recorder. Buying a recorder requires an investment, remember it will save you money in the long run.

Changing providers

It is easy to keep your subscription as is but the fact is many providers change their packages almost monthly. You would simply be robbing yourself if you just keep using the same provider for years. It takes a little work but if you keep your eyes focused on good deals and keep comparing prices you will be rewarded. Take advantage of offers and keep focusing on your own needs. When you do you will be saving money on your cable every single month. We believe that the above information is going to be helpful for you.